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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Odd FPS Issues With Great Hardware?

    So, I just built my new rig with a EVGA hybrid cooled 2080 Super and an AMD R7 3800x. I also have the CPU Liquid Cooled by the Corsair H100i Platinum Liquid Cooler. I will post the remainder of my system specs now: Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model: System...
  2. D

    Question Is performance of my processor lacking?

    Hello! I've finally upgraded to i7 4790k which I honestly thought was gonna be a killer, but now I'm not so sure So my issue is that, Battlefield 1 is gonna serve as an example, with my gtx 1070 zotac mini, which is I think pretty strong GPU for newer titles like bf1(though it's not new it has...
  3. Mizuki15

    Question Do i7 3770/2600 can handle 60fps on Division 2 and BF1 MP 64 player stable ?

    i'm using i5 2400 now, but the cpu is bottlenecking my gpu (1050 ti) on the game i listed....even on lowest sett, the game fps is not far from ultra sett (or even the same) so i kinda wonder is it worth to upgrade the i5 to i7 3770/2600 ? cant upgrade to a new chipset like ryzen or skylake above...
  4. answerfinder

    Question Rip i5-6400 after hidden updates or battlefield devs was broke an optimization?

    Hello, i am new here. 2 years ago i had got some fps drops and bad gpu usage in bf1 on any graphics settings. PC: i5 6400 up to 4.5 ghz gtx 1060 6gb 8x2 RAM 3200 (21-21-21) ddr4 Latest nvidia's drivers and verison of win 10 I triend some versions of win 10 I had interesting results, but i can't...
  5. m7mod

    Question PC not booting with rx580

    I've recently bought an xfx RX 580 8gb GPU to install in my old pc with the specs below, but the pc didn't boot at all with the keyboard not on, so i tried my friend's evga gtx 1060 3gb and it worked perfectly and i tried my rx580 in his pc and that also worked perfectly, i don't really know...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] 4x4gb or 2x8gb? Need help with ram (kind of new to this subject)

    So i have an Alienware 07JNH0 Motherboard, along with a INtel i7 3930k cpu and i was wondering what would be the most efficient way to upgrading my ram. I currently have 4 2gb sticks and im looking to upgrade to 16gb. Thanks
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Barely smudged thermal paste, very very very tiny pieces of lint (maybe only 3)

    Hi, I am new to computer building and I was wondering if I should reapply it, being stock cooler's (g5400 cooler) thermal paste, or test before hand. Like I said I barely smudged it, and there is about 3 pieces of lint, which are so small I couldn't tell until I inspected very closely. Also...
  8. A

    Is my CPU bottlenecking me?

    I wanted to know if my CPU is bottlenecking me in games. I'm not sure if my CPU is under powered for my 1050 TI and that's why my FPS in games is extremely low or if it's something else in my system. I built my PC in January and have been using integrated graphics up until July when I...
  9. K

    Connected storage preventing PC from powering on

    Two days ago I woke to a dead power supply unit. I swapped it out for another one, the new one lit the motherboard, but would not power on the PC. After days of trying to find out why it won't power on I find that if any kind of storage is connected it prevents the PC from turning on. I...
  10. R

    Upgrading Motherboard, CPU and Ram and. I need to know the necessary step to take before actually replacing the compnents.

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, this summer, I'm going to upgrade my PC by upgrading the motherboard, CPU, and Ram. I'm also going to replace my case. However, i don't know what steps i need to take before actually replacing the components. My PC is a prebuilt one, it's an Acer MC605...
  11. M

    GHZ vs. Thread Count

    I'm looking at two CPUs and right now I'm thinking of either the 85 8600k (overclocked) or i7 8700. I'm mostly doing gaming and I may be doing some editing in the future. Which is more important, higher GHZ in the i5 or higher threads in the i7? Also can someone explain what threads are...
  12. M

    suddent fps drop

    first of all i want to let you guys know that im very not good in everythings about pc. here is what happened, i played a game with my friend everything was fine. went to sleep (i didnt close my pc). woke up and i had fps issues in every game, i cant even watch videos on youtube ifthe quality...
  13. M

    Need help with first build, or pre-built options.

    I am in need of some advice on my first build. I need a new setup mainly used for day trading. The main thing I need is the ability to run at least 4 monitors, possibly 6. I have read several threads but still a little confused on what exactly I need to put this together. I basically just need...
  14. F

    Gta v lagging

    I have radeon 4gb graphics card 8gb Ram intel i7 cpu and while playing gta v its lagging sometime fps dropping issue come across to me. Please tell me what should i need should i extend my ram to 16gb or what the hell i need to get gta v on 60fps smoothly. please tell me.
  15. G

    Power supply short

    my power supply is a thermal master atx 12v tm 420w psar 13 and it just shorted out. i saw a switch that changed the wattage from 230w to 110w and switched it. there was a short and im not sure whether it took out the rest of my pc
  16. J

    Internet disconnecting, network adapters all disabled

    Cant connect to internet, no media found for all network adapter in command prompt. Internet occasionally connects but once anything is opened that uses internet it immediately disconnects itself. using windows 10.
  17. A

    How to connect the laptop to egpu and then to monitor?

    I have HP envy i5 8th gen please suggest me an egpu which connects to my laptop and then to monitor.
  18. M

    Help OC q6600 on a gigabyte 775mb

    Im a newbie to overclocking. Tried many different ways through forums. Most of the old links are broken. Can anyone help me push this little guy from 2.4 to at least 3? I can provide bios pics
  19. M

    Laptop turns off if power cable is removed fast or if mains shuts off (as happens a lot on the train)

    Hi! My old Asus Notebook has this odd behaviour since a few weeks that it shuts off if the power cable gets ripped out of the socket, the cabel is removed fast from the plug-in port or, if the main power vanishes (like it happens a lot during train travel). The battery itself is still fine and...
  20. V

    Could the x299 motherboard type fit inside the Alienware X51 R2 case?

    Could the below motherboard fit inside an alienware x51 r2 case? This is the motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE Socket 2066