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    Question Battlefield 5 Stuttering

    Hello these are my specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Stock Gigabyte B450 AORUS M Gigabyte GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 3G Kingston HyperX Predator 2x4GB 3000MHz Corsair CX550M Seagate Barracuda 1TB No SSD Windows 10 Professional The game runs poorly on LOW settings. Other games are running without any...
  2. M

    Question GTX 1060 6 Gig Battlefield G-SYNC

    Hi All Really hope you can help. I have a Alienware 34inch screen 2018 model - I got the 1080p version with G-SYNC. Also have a GTX 1060 6 gig. When i paired it up all was really good and Battlefield 4 and 5 ran really smoothly at 144Hz no problems. Now V hardly runs above 30 and 4 runs at...
  3. M

    Question RAM question

    What I have is an Asus, B350M mobo with an AMD 1600 processor, The mobo states it can support up to 3000 or 3200mhz (O.C.) The question is what kind of RAM I should buy, for instance can I buy RAM labeled as 3200mhz or do I need to buy 2666 mhz and OC it? It's been a long time since I did a...
  4. K

    Question My fan rpm is getting a bit weird

    I made an fan optimization for my pc. But now my lowest rpm of the fan for 0 percent voltage is the same as the highest rpm with 100 percent usage. WI wanna change that, so my cpu fan is getting quiet again I used AI suite 3 for that Motherbord: Asus strix Formular ix Cpu fan: arctic freezer...
  5. I

    Question GTA V uses RAM over VRAM

    I wanted to make sure if it is normal for GTA V to use more RAM than VRAM. My VRAM usage during gameplay is always at 1.28gb but my RAM usage is about 3,5 gb. This causes other programs to crash and sometimes even GTA itself. From what I've heard this shouldn't be happening since your PC is...
  6. S

    Question GPU usage spikes up and down.

    When I am gaming, my game has loads of stutters. Here is a picture of GPU usage in game: View: As you can see, it spikes from 70 to 0 percent. GPU temps are 80c, CPU at 50c, 60 percent usage. Vram usage is 60 percent. What is the problem?
  7. Doracristian

    Question RAM upgrade

    Hello I want to upgrade my ram on Asus x550vx laptop but I found some kind of black tape in the spot. I put my memory in and the laptop recognised it so my question is should I remove the tape? I think if it would overheat, it will melt and mess my motherboard.
  8. X

    Question PCI-E slot (empty)

    Hello Everybody, I'm having recently a big issue with my GPU/Mobo. During some maintenance on my system, I had the GPU connected to the mobo through a vertical GPU holder (my case was a mini itx Raven Rvz01). Accidentally while System was On i've broken 2 rear pins of the holder. The pc after...
  9. H

    Question Flashing cpu and ram led on mobo

    Okay so yesterday I turned my computer off by switching the power supply switch straight off without shutting down or anything. Now I receive no video output and the cpu and ram leds are flashing on my mobo. I'm not sure what could be the problem or how I cant find the problem. It's a very new...
  10. D

    Question Need help picking a CPU for a new gaming build March 2019

    I need some help picking out a CPU for a new build that a tech friend will put together. What is the difference between I7-8700K I7-9700K and and I9-9900K? Do any of these run hot? Are the upgrades worth the price? What is more important - cores or threads? I do not play the craziest games...
  11. PhillipK

    Question CPU Frequency Question

    When I open Core Temp, I notice that the frequency of my CPU will randomly jump between 4400hz, 800hz, 2200hz and etc. The same happens with the power, it'll jump from like 12W to 62W. Is this something to worry about? My CPU is an Intel i7-4790k and has not been overclocked.
  12. A

    Question Built new pc, BSOD

    I recently got a new motherboard msi x370 as well as the Ryzen 5. And added new memory sticks. I kept my old graphics card. Geforce 1050 ti. Now I recently went from an Asus motherboard with an i7. Everything works except when I start it itll load and after about couple minutes I get the blue...
  13. C

    Question Is there any way to make naked (not covered greed RAM sticks) RAM look nicer?

    Hi! So basically, I'm upgrading my PC from a GTX 1050 to a GTX 980, changing cases (NZXT H500i) and changing power supply. The only problem is my RAM. They're ugly green RAM sticks... is there any way I could make them look better, for example maybe like ram covers (like make it look like a...
  14. X

    Question Removing Hard Drive From Enclosure

    I just bought the enclosure in pic related, and put my hard drive inside it. Now I'm scared to remove it as there is no space to pull it back and raise it. I can't find any guides online pls help. kinda pried it out thanks for the help View:
  15. G

    Question Cpu safety

    I am using an i7-4790k cpu, My question is it safe for the cpu to be more than 80C? I've been playing some games recently and my pc kept crashing after about 2 to 3 hours of gameplay (I can set the max to 100C)
  16. L

    Question Clicking noise

    So the other morning my pc started to make a clicking noise. Very faint, most people would probably ignore it. However to me its quite annoying. It sounds like the noise mechanical hard drives used to make... click click click. I traced it back to one of the fans for the radiator. I have 6...
  17. Jimcuchim

    Question Fan not working

    My fan is not working. And somehow, it only works in BIOS.
  18. B

    Question Apu what would be better 16gb 1333 or 8gb 1666

    Hello, I have an apu (don’t ask why) I was wondering what would be better 8gb 1666mhz ddr3 or 16gb 1333mhz ddr3?
  19. Esuzail

    Question 2 b450 mobos possibly dead on arrival

    So i got two new b450 tomahawk motherboards(one for me, another for a friend) and both of them won't boot or even give a fan spin. I paired them with a r3 1200 and ruled out the ram or psu as the culprits. The only thing that works is the led light that lights up when you press the "bios...
  20. zsw

    Question 2080 and Ryzen 2700x will it bottleneck?

    I’m planning to assemble a system with an RTX 2080, ryzen 7 2700x, 32gb 3000 mhz of ram, a gigabyte x470 auros motherboard, 250gb ssd and 3tb hard drive, and a 800 watt power supply. I’m pretty new to the world of high end parts given my current system is. A 1050ti and an i5 8300h. I was just...