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    Question Battlefront 2015 "Press Space to play bug"

    Hi, I run Intel I7-2670QM with AMD Radeon HD 6770M (2 GB), 8 GB of Ram DDR3, Win10 on SSD Samsung 860 EVO with 1Tb Toshiba storage drive in laptop. Since we got this out of the way back there there was a bug if you started Battlefront 2015 you couldnt play because game didnt register "space...
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    Asus Laptop Freezes When Idle

    Starting last week, my Asus laptop running Windows 10 suddenly began encountering a problem where leaving it idle for 10 to 15 minutes will cause it to freeze, the clock doesn't go up, the mouse won't move, I can't put it to sleep, the only choice it to hold the power button until it shuts down...
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    HELP!! Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys)

    Good evevning everyone! I'm having some really aggravating issues with a PC that I've just built. The system itself is setup as follows: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard 250gb Sandisk Plus SSD 16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz RAM I had some problems with the initial RAM...
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    Overclocking ryzen 3 1200

    Hi, I have a question about ryzen 3 1200 overclocking, I have just succedeed in overclocking it to 3.7ghz with 1.29V and I tried 3.8 ghz but it didnt my question is, do I go higher than 1.29V to achieve more mhz? I ran a stress aida 64 test to check the temperatures and here are the...
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    Is the watts enough

    I have a 300w 85+ bronze pu Is it enough to run 8gbram Intel g3420 3.20ghz cpu gtx 1050 1 t hdd
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    DDR5 Graphics Card Compatability w/ A DDR3 Motherboard?

    Can someone confirm that a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card work with a HP M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) motherboard?
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    Is the 2600k still worth to buy

    I was wondering is the 2600k still worth to buy because im still using a pentium e5700 and need an upgrade but dont have a lot of money to work with
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    Mauve "screen" over downloaded photos

    I just bought a canon rebel eos T6i. The pictures I took yesterday looked great when viewed in the camera. When downloaded to the PC, there was a mauve "screen" over the whole photo. If you know how to remove the "screen" to unmask the true colors please share how. Thank you.
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    Computer freezes while rendering videos but not while playing games

    So, I have been having this problem where I will record a video and edit it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, but when I try to render it out, the computer always freezes and i have to press the restart button. My first thought is that maybe the computer was trying to do to much but this doesn't...
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    Monitor for Gaming and Design??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a new monitor to add to my setup. I do game quite a bit (mostly Overwatch), aswell as doing graphic design/video production. My budget is about $500AUD and under, preferably as cheap as possible. It looks like a VA panel would be perfect for me, however I can't...
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    what games can i run gt730?

    HI I bought A gt730what gamrs can I run with it? the games want powerful system
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    Pc wont boot

    Computer wont boot when i use 1 or 2 ram sticks. When i dont put ram in boots but after 20 seconds it shuts off. Already had this issue in the past but i fixed it just randomly taking out cpu and putting it back in, but this time its not working. Not sure whats wrong but if cant fix this gonna...
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    Micro ATX / AM3+ / 4 Dimms / SATA 3 / USB 3

    I want to swap out a motherboard as it doesn't have sata 3 support, need the following: Micro atx am3+ (fx 8320) 4 dimms Sata 3 (6Gb/s) USB 3.0 PCI-E any recommendations, doesn't need to be high-end..
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    Opinions on my build?

    I am building a new gaming computer, and looking for high performance. I would like some people who would like to, A. review that everything is compatible and works well and has enough power and B. Just opinions if I should switch out different parts or not. I am taking stuff from my current...
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    Network room setup

    Good day guys! Can i ask for some help, I work in a hotel and each room has a 22 rooms we plan to put a router to each router due to a very thick wall. Equipment are 22 routers and 1 unmanaged switch. thank you in advance thank you
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    Will palit gtx 960 work on my amd a8 7600?

    Will it perform well in amd a8 7600?
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    Psu Boss does not exists

    Hi. I want to buy a 600w psu but i have 2 choices. Termaltake tr2 600w and evga 600b. Can i trust termaltake? Whitch is better?
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    G2A - 10 Random CD Keys trustable?

    Yo i was wondering if this random box gives you good games?
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    If I bought a pc game like "crysis" how would I go about getting an activation key for it?

    Getting an activation key for used games
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    Need Plugin to kick Users in /buy CS 1.6

    Hello i need a Kick Plugin for a ctf / gunxp server that kick players when they use the command /buy Have anyone that or can help me? That command is not allowed to use in gunxpmod ...