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  1. FlameDrop13

    Question BO4 Crashing

    Since Black ops 4 has launched I have been dealing with this problem soon to realize it wasn't worth the time any more so i deleted it and came back to the game recently after playing bo2. Basically what happens is that I press play in the Battle Net launcher and it loads up into a loading...
  2. T

    Monitor goes black for one second when refrigerator turns on

    hi all. i have recently buy this monitor: BenQ-PD3200Q the problem is, as i said that the screen goes black for just one or two seconds whenever my refrigerator or any other appliance (like mixer) turn on. what should i do? would this device help...
  3. T

    New SSD + Old HDD; What is safe to delete and how to extend partition on SSD into unallocated space

    Hello! Holy schnitt are my drives in a snarl! I just made a very messy upgrade from HDD to SSD - all the things went wrong and I ended up doing a fresh Windows install on the SSD. Everything is up and booting happily...