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  1. Boi216

    [SOLVED] BCLK overclock?

    I've heard a million times how it works, but how do you do it? My BIOS has nothing about BCLK, and i have tried to look for software with only old incompatible freeware. I have a Thinkpad x220t by the way, with a 2620m.
  2. camr7425

    [SOLVED] BCLK overclock, PC won't boot

    Hi. I recently overclocked the BCLK on my motherboard from 100mhz to 104mhz My specs : Ryzen 5 2600 Aours Elite B450 8gb×2 vengeance 2400mhz Zotac Mini 1070Ti COOLER master MWE 550w psu I have one m.2 and 2 sata SSD and 3 hard drives attached The thing is, as soon as I increased the BCLK...
  3. T

    Question finding the clock generator/PLL on my motherboard

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the clock gererator/PLL/FSB on my motherboard. I am not afraid to take out my motherboard and physically have a look at the chip, however I don't know where it is. I have a gigabyte b85m ds3h-a motherboard and here...
  4. M

    Convert Optical OUT to USB IN for Turtle Beach i60

    I got a good deal on a pair of Turtle Beach i60 headphones. I'm trying hard to like them, but one big issue is it only has USB and Bluetooth input options. I'd really like to enable it to accept an optical input or even have optical pass-thru if that's possible with an auxiliary device. I have...