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    Question New build has poor preformance ?

    Still kinda new to the new build but been having alot of performance issues with a few games, mainly being final fantasy xiv and black desert online. a few other games as well but those are the major ones. Doesnt seem to matter what settings i change performance is always just stuttery and or...
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    Question microstuttering in fullscreen bdo when running other programs in the background

    Hey guys, as in the title... im looking for someone to help me fix the micro stutters that im getting while playing Black Desert Online in fullscreen (especially when moving and turning camera around). It happens when i have like Chrome with youtube or my OBS on in the background or some other...
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    Question FPS stutter on good pc

    So within this last week I have been having FPS drops even on low settings. I wiped my pc completely clean and everything I could think of. Anyone have any suggestions? Specs: GTX 1060 OS: windows 10 CPU: intel i7 8700 RAM:16gb My friend has basically the same settings and can run the game on...