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  1. sa07kaiser

    [SOLVED] Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 (sTRX4) upgrade

    Has anyone tried to install more powerful fans instead of the standard ones on Dark Rock Pro 4? I mean add Silent wings 3 120mm 2200 rpm and Silent wings 3 140mm 1600 rpm. How much does this help? I want to assemble a working machine with a 3960x (don’t tell me about water ahah)) And every...
  2. Apache3348

    Question Cooling 9900k with Dark Rock pro 4

    Hello everyone. So I´m currently cooling my stock running 9900k with a Dark rock 4 pro and I´m getting weird temps. Idle: ~40°C Cinebench R20: ~87°C XTU Stress test 5min: ~ 70°C I´ve seen people online with this setup getting <30°C Idle and <65°C Load on this. My case is the Lian Li PC011. I...
  3. U


    Hi, I wanted to know what is the smallest be quiet case. Many Thanks
  4. S

    Question BSOD after installing Dark Rock 4 Pro and "CPU Fan error" in BIOS

    So i just installed the Dark Rock 4 Pro and i now get BSOD's with the error message "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR " after having installed the CPU cooler. The fans are connected properly to the CPU fan connector on my motherboard though. On startup after i installed the CPU cooler my bios says "CPU...
  5. S

    Question be quiet! Dark rock 4 to overclock i5-4670k

    This is my current system: Motherboard: Asus z87-a PSU: EVGA G3 550 Case: Cooler master HAF 912 plus CPU: Intel i5-4670K 3.40Ghz RAM: 4x2 gb ddr3 Corsair 1600 mhz GPU: GTX 970 Im wondering if the "be quiet! Dark rock 4 pro" CPU cooler would be a nice fit to overclock my i5-4670k. Im planning...