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  1. Moth254KF

    Question Wich one is better for a 4790, the Hyper 212 Evo or the Be quiet Pure Rock Slim?

    Hi, this is me :) Wich one is better for a heavy cpu usage (and integrated graphics)? both are in stock and at the same price (A bit of a limit budget) Btw, as a side note... I read theats over here that says the Thermal Take Lite 550w is terrible... Will cause me troubles for a gtx 1660?
  2. R

    Question Need a GPU that fits in my MicroATX with a huge cpu cooler...

    Hello, As the title says, I am looking for a GPU that can fit in my MicroATX case, the thing is that I bought this desktop from ebay like 3 years ago and I don't know the dimensions of the case... Here are the specs: Motherboard - Intel - DQ57TM Micro ATX LGA1156 Motherboard PSU - Seasonic...
  3. M

    Stolen was Laptop

    My Laptop was stolen from my home..... I have its serial number and other details.....Can anyone help me to find it?