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  1. zarerk23

    Question Please Beep codes for ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4

    hello everyone could someone please give me a list of the beep codes for the ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 please, I have searched the ASRock website but only found a very old list for motherboards from 2002 and would like an updated one. thanks
  2. C

    Question Beep code with new RX 6800 ?

    I’ve recently upgraded my card to the Rx 6800 and for a while I was getting the beep code one king beep followed by 3 short and I only just fixed it by switching to hdmi instead of display port. My question is why am I getting this beep code whilst using my dp which is the only way to get 165hz...
  3. W

    Question Sporadic beeping sounds ?

    Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67 CPU: Intel i7-2600k GPU: GTX 970 When gaming or similar, my PC tends to make these sporadic beeping sounds. During normal use (like using a internet browser) it makes a similar beeping sound, but at lower volume and only one beep at two sec intervals. Any ideas...
  4. Deus Vu1t

    Question 5 beeps on Asrock X370 Killer SLI ?

    Hi all I recently bought an unopened Asrock ATX board for basically free which I want to use with my second system. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 which doesn't seem to POST and when I put a speaker in it gives me 5 beeps. All that happens is that my monitor says "No signal detected" so it recognizes...
  5. Q

    Question New PC doesn't start (No monitor signal)

    Hello! I just received all the components for my new PC and spend some time to build it. However, it doesn't start. The monitor shows no signal message, and I cannot understand what's going wrong. Here is the configuration: CPU: Intel core i7 13700k Motherboard: ASUS Z690-P WI-FI RAM: Kingston...
  6. Kin64

    Question 5 beeps then works normally

    My pc beeps 5 times then a delayed 1 beep before starting. It works perfectly like there's no issue. It only happen when I start it on cold boot but if I restarted it, it doesn't happen. I bought my pc on oct 1 2022 so it's very new. It started to happen after I used the Optimization curve on...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] New system, no POST, no display, 6 short beep code on ASUS AM4 motherboard

    Hello, Just refit my old system with new components, but I can't get a display but I do get a 6 short beep code. Specs are: CPU: Ryzen 5600g (new) Cooler: Stock GPU: Integrated/5600g (new) RAM: XPG Z1 DDR4 3200MHz (PC4 25600) (new) Motherboard: ASUS A520M-A (new) PSU: EVGA - W3 Series 450W ATX...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] ASUS mini pc (PB50) Bricked After Bios Upd.

    Hey, all! I am new here as you can probably see. I looked for a new members thread, but couldn't find one. I'll gladly post there if one of you can post a link. Also; if this is the wrong place for this just let me know. Anyway. Recently I updated a friend's Windows to make sure he was on the...
  9. B

    Question Vintage Computer Not Booting - Gateway Performance 650 TB3

    I thought a fun Christmas project would be the resurrection of the the old family computer, a ‘Gateway Performance AS 650 tb3’. To give some back story, about a year ago I dusted off the internal components, when I put the computer back together it booted fine but crashed a few seconds latter...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Extreme X1 gen2 Beep code 0282

    Hello, After liquid damage to my laptop about a month ago I decided to try booting it up this morning. With a dead battery, I plugged it in and waited. It worked! I got into the Lenovo Vantage app and let it install all the updates I had missed, which it stated would restart the machine. I...
  11. Crawtwa

    [SOLVED] Post code speaker not working

    Hey, I recently installed a Post code beep to my Aorus ITX pro WiFi and it won’t beep. I was sure I had the polarity right. Did I ruin the header by screwing up the polarization?
  12. Alf_miaw

    Question Pc can't booting

    CPU: intel core i3-9100f Motherboard: asrock h310cm-hdv Ram: Team group 4 gb x 2 SSD/HDD: wd blue 1TB GPU: rx 570 PSU: aerocool lux 550 why my pc can't booting, and when I start it, it always beep endlessly
  13. B

    Question Bad Memory Beep Code with Different Types of RAM

    Specs: GA-78LMT-USB3 and ASRock 970m Pro 3 AMD FX-8350 Adata AD3U1600W8G11-B 8GB x2 EVGA 500w Problem: I've recently decided to swap cases out due to my GPU overheating and shorting from my previous atrocity of airflow in there. However once I rebuilt it and tried to boot there was no display...
  14. O

    Question Was working, but now a ROG Strix x370-F non-existent Beep Code? + CPU light On

    CONTEXT: Two days ago I had some power surges in my area and this is the first I've had any trouble with this build. I have the computer plugged into a power strip for protection and it was shut down at the time of the event, but it still seems to be giving me trouble. The beep code is 2 short...
  15. P

    Question PC beeps 3 times & won't boot

    It beeps 3 times with ram and without it, and it DOESN'T pause and continue, it literally just beeps 3 times on start up and that's it. No more. I suspect its bad memory (as the mobo support page says these 3 beeps indicate) but I only just bought it 3 days ago, and it had been working fine up...
  16. L

    Question System Timer Failure

    Hi All, Since I am a bit lost right now, I'd like to ask for some help here. My PC recently died overnight (after a completely normal shutdown) and refused to boot even into BIOS the day after. After trying a lot of reboots and clearing the CMOS, I measured the voltage at every pin on the...
  17. K

    Question RAM is working but 3 short beeps from motherboard speaker (AMI beep codes)

    This is for a friend, we are using the IGPU on the motherboard and we are troubleshooting the motherboard using a motherboard speaker. The AMI BIOS is versions 2101. We reached his desktop using a VGA cable on his motherboard since HDMI doesnt work on his motherboard (for some reason) and the...
  18. X

    [SOLVED] Need help finding manual for ThinkCentre m90p 5536

    I cannot find this manual anywhere. I need it so I can look up a beep code error. The codes are "2 short beeps and 4 long beeps."
  19. A

    Experiencing Lots of BSODS

    I have had a Windows 8.1 for a long time. But recently, I've been experiencing lots of all sorts of bsods, and when I restart my computer, it beeps endlessly. But when I tried to resolve them, I noticed 2 things. When I used the commands "sfc /scannow" and "dism.exe /online /cleanup-image...
  20. F

    HP bios problem

    Hi guys, I had installed hp support assistant in my windows 10 hp notebook. When the hp assistant ran at startup it showed me that there is bios update f.24. I then updated it and also created the bios recovery usb. The bios update ran smoothly and then the laptop restarted and a HP bios...
  21. talelorm

    Need some pro gamer/builder advice

    i want to buy these GIGABYTE AORUS GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 $239.99 i7-7700K Corsair DOMINATOR Platinum Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz C10 Memory Kit CMD32GX4M4B2133C10 Timings: 10-12-12-31 1.35v price:$328.99 my question is: is the c10 kit worth it? should i save some money and get the...
  22. W

    Windows 10 reset doesn't work

    Good day I tried to reset my Laptop using windows 10. It gets to 34% and then stops, tells me there was an error and that it couldn't complete the reset. After that i can only continue to windows 10 with no changes made. Please help guys
  23. RPG WOLF

    Buy the GTX 1080 or wait for VEGA?

    Should I wait for the VEGA or buy the 1080? Heard that the VEGA will have the same performance but will be cheaper.
  24. D

    Steam Causing System Freezing in Windows 10

    Hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought I would start here. I have been having issues with Steam freezing my PC and looping whatever sound is playing, requiring a hard reboot. This freezing occurs only when the Steam service is enabled. When I disable the Steam process, the...
  25. G

    System Builder Marathon Q1 2016: Value Comparison

    How do this quarter's builds stack up against each other, and those of last quarter, in terms of overall value? System Builder Marathon Q1 2016: Value Comparison : Read more
  26. D

    can I use a 2x4g ram, and add one stick in the future? will this work?

    If I get 2x4g for now, and add one stick in the future to upgrade. say one 4g stick, will it give me 12g, or if I add one 8g, will it give me 16g? and do i have to add two together every time I wanna upgrade?? thank you !!!
  27. D

    Help with system build

    hi i am kind of new to building pc i have a basic idea of how it works and have done some research. i have out together a plan for what i want. i am pulling out my cpu, harddrive and ram from my current pc. so is they anything that you would recommend to fix it. thanks deadpixle PCPartPicker...
  28. S

    Sometimes when I google search something, shows up what the hell is this???

    So sometimes when I randomly google search something shows up as the website and it appears to be some sort of dumb search engine of some sort that you would get a virus from but I'm 100% i don't have a virus or something that made my google chrome use that search engine instead of...
  29. S

    CPU Fan not spinning

    For a while, my CPU fan had been sometimes spinning very slowly and making a strange sound when that happened. A couple days ago the CPU fan completely broke and was only spinning at maybe 100 RPM, then completely stopped. I tried resetting my bios and trying out different headers and the fan...
  30. A

    Really low budget build

    Hello, I'll be having some money for xmas and even though its not much im planning to build a rig for playing MMOs like Tera and some RPGs like Diablo 3 I will have around 380€, and I am in Europe, so prices apply taxes, which would make any 500$ rig from there more expensive than I...
  31. F

    I need help reducing the money off this build! And also to check the build! Under 900$ build from Australia!

    I made this build. It's a bit too expensive for me- can someone make it go down, quite a bit without sacrificing too much? I live in Australia- and I prefer not to ship. If it is completely needed to ship, I will. I'm getting the GPU from online- and the rest...
  32. B

    Corrupted Samsung 840 EVO 256 msata OS win7/64 drive Does this mean my drive is broken? also how can I fix or clone the drive?

    Hi all, I have a clevo w230st laptop with a Samsung 840 EVO msata 256G drive as my OS running win 7 enterprise 64bit. The problem started two days ago and it won't boot into windows unless I am on safe mode without network. All other booting options will make the drive freeze. Running...