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  1. I

    Question 1 long beep, 2 short beeps then boots but no display MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon

    Hi there! I recently bought a used MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and when I install it with my i7 9700, it did a 1 long beep and 2 short beeps with VGA led on for the ez debug led. Then after the beeps gone it restart and booted into w11 but with no display. Before anyone saying that its my gpu, I...
  2. Itz Soul

    Question CPU Giving Weird Beep Sounds

    Hello! I need help with my PC as it's been going bizzare out of nowhere. After using my pc last night I went to bed and turned it on this morning though as soon as I did, it took longer then usual to show the screen. I waited for a while and then it gave one short beep followed with nothing but...
  3. I

    Question Looks like Screen Tearing but it actually isn't(image "teleport" and weird image visuals) it all started in summer of 2020

    So, basically at the summer of 2020 i was cleaning my pc(that i had since start of 2018), because it was get hot, 2 weeks later when i went to eat and came back, the computer started showing a lot of red dots and then started beeping kinda loud, i got very worried and torned it off, weirdly...
  4. aluminium_apple

    [SOLVED] Mystery beeps coming from system sounds

    Hiya, I have recently installed an M.2 SSD and after a few teething problems with getting windows to recognise my HDDs I got up and running on a fresh install of Win10 pro. I verify my game files and hop right into a game and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Every 30 or so seconds I get four mystery beeps...