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  1. Panx856

    Question New PC beeps, no red light, no input to the display?

    I had a new pc built. When it came it booted up normally no problems. After using it for about 3 hours the system shut down and when i turn the computer on, it starts beeping and doesnt send signal to the display. First, the red indicators for CPU and DRAM lit up but after reseating the RAM and...
  2. tsagb

    Question PC Keeps Beeping

    Hey, so I've come across this strange occurrence where my pc beeps what appears to be randomly. It isn't a code or anything, usually its just a long continuous beep with random breaks. I recently upgraded my gpu to a gtx 1660 and I only have a 400w evga psu so I'm thinking it might be a wattage...
  3. B

    Question Sound Beeping Noise - Troubleshooting

    Hi, Can you please help me troubleshoot this sound beeping (static) noise which has been around since I bought my pc back in February. This sound is something similar to hearing your own "open mic" in your headsets, but without saying anything, it's a "windy", "beeping", "static" annoying sound...
  4. GoodGuyFrost


    PC SPECS: CPU: Intel XEON E5530 GPU: ASUS GTX 650ti (1GB DDr5) MEMORY: 8GB (2x 4GB) SYSTEM: Dell Precision T3500 OS: Windows 10 ISSUE: PC was working fine the day before yesterday but yesterday suddenly when I booted up the system in the morning I got a BSOD. I restarted to the system and it...
  5. bbpresident

    Question PC does not boot after installing new ram, beeping suggests PSU failure?

    Hi all, I know this type of question has been asked and solved numerous times, but I haven't found a solution yet undortunately. I decided to upgrade from 4x2GB to 2x8GB. My mobo should in theory support this, but as soon as I turn the PC on, I get continuous beeping, which suggests a PSU...
  6. R

    Question 1 long beep, 2 short beeps, no video

    I left my PC running while i slept, i woke up and it was off, after powering it on it started beeping, I've tried many fixes but nothing helped. Behaviour The beeps start a second after i press the power button, the heatsink fan, power supply fan and gpu fans power on, i get no video at all...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Seagate Barracuda reading sector problem

    So suddenly I got this problem and I've been using this hard drive for about 1 year. Previously, about 3 weeks ago I did a surface test on a sentinel hard disk and there was no weak sector at all, but today I know this problem because when i do reading data, I hear strange sounds like beeping...
  8. S

    Question Hdd making noise and not starting

    Hey everyone. My hdd started making noise after a power outage and it won't start. It's a WD5000aaks. Here's how it sounds View: Can anyone explain to me what's causing that noise and could it be fixed? I don't want to lose all my data
  9. N

    Question Ups beep sounds

    After 15-20 day, i turned on my ups but it did not work. After i plugged in ups beeping came continuously. Around 1st hour there were very short beeps (1s). Next hour the beeps were bit long (3s). After another hour beeps were even longer (5-6s) As i mentioned beep length was rised with time...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] System won't boot? Repetative short beeps?? Help please!

    Ok, so I have just got myself an amd rx 580 8gb msi armor to replace my gtx 1060 3gb. Since the gpu was too big to fit in the case I had to get a new one. After I had got the case I whipped over all the parts from the small case to the larger one, plugged in the cables, and when I try to start...
  11. Lejm68

    [SOLVED] Added new ram, computer now beeping when turned on. Can’t access BIOS or anything. Any help appreciated!

    Hello, I recently purchased this computer from amazon HP 8300 4K Gaming Computer Intel Quad Core i5 upto 3.6GHz, 8GB, 1TB HD, Nvidia GT730 4GB, Windows 10 Pro, WiFi, USB 3.0 (Renewed)
  12. Wu-Zi-Mu

    Question WD Elements Portable works fine but beeps a lot - beep codes?

    Hello, anyone know what this noise means? It's a WD Elements Portable (2.5"), 2TB. The drive worked fine for about 10 hours during the SMART self-test and first hours of operation some days ago. Since yesterday it's started beeping after working...
  13. S

    Question Computer makes a beeping sound randomly while in game (with video).

    Hello I was recently streaming the new CoD:MW with a friend and my PC randomly started making a long beeping sound. I don't know what the cause of it is and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I think the sound was coming from the motherboard but I can't confirm. I haven't been able to...
  14. Queeran

    Question Computer beeping on startup

    I recently bought the stuff to build a computer and just put it together. I boot it up and it beeps 3 times, pauses, then beeps another time before shutting down and rebooting. I've tried treating it like 4 beeps and taken out all the extension cards but nothings changed. Any suggestions would...
  15. H

    Question Laptop work but beepings

    HelIo I have a MSI laptop with ssd and now I am facing issues with beeping since I start my laptop but the laptop overall still works. The sound you can find What could it be? To me he sound seems to come from the SSD area. Thanks
  16. S

    Question Computer Making Beeping noise after hard drive not being recongized

    My secondary 1TB hard drive for my computer was randomly disappearing for months, now the computer does not pick it up at all. My motherboard says the cable is disconnected when it isn't, and now a random beeping noise is happening every 5-10 seconds. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  17. L

    I really need help about GTX 760 and GTX 960

    Hi guys, i have to choose gtx 760 or gtx 960... Is really 20 euros worth betwen those... gtx 760 2gb 60$, gtx 960 2gb 80$ Here is my configuration: Intel Xeon E5450 3.0 GHz 8gb ddr3 1333mhz asus p5g41tdm pro psu 600w ssd 160gb hdd 400gb Which graphics card is best for this configuration, but...
  18. M

    New build kit won't turn on.

    I have a build kit from NewEgg using the Asus prime B350M-A mother board, and an AMD Ryzen FM4 CPU. When I plug in my ps, the mobo's LEDs turn on but when I push the power button on my tower nothing happens. I have checked all my contions they are all set up right and sold in place, but it won't...
  19. koperan

    Changing radiator location... would it work?

    Hello, Im trying to see if it's a good idea to reconfigure my rad and fan location. Here's a picture of what I'm trying to do. Right now I have my rad fans in push exhaust config, I want to move my rad one position forward and do push intake so I can get outside air in and add a...
  20. H

    Which RAM would you recommended of these and would it be wise to upgrade?

    Hey all. I'm going to upgrade to better RAM. Specs: Intel Core i7 7700k Gigabyte z270 gaming-k3 EVGA G2 750W Samsung EVO SSD Kingston UV400 SSD Gainward Phoenix 1070 GS 16gb HyperX Fury 2133mhz CL14 Which one of these would you recommend: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz 16GB CL15...