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  1. C

    Question Case compatibility with my build

    I am thinking of creating a build with the following parts: CPU: Intel Core i9 10900K (not planning on overclocking) CPU Cooler: Noctua nh-u12a GPU: NVIDIA GeForce rtx 3080 RAM: Corsair Vengeance @ 2933 Mhz (4x8gb) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590 Aorus pro ax SSD: SK Hynix Gold p31 1tb m.2 pcie PSU...
  2. Grievous190

    [SOLVED] High End Build for gaming for $7000 aud or under

    I'm an average pc builder at best, can anyone put high end builds together for me with parts and a place to get it built? I'm in Australia if that makes it easier for suggesting a build. RGB if possible please.
  3. G

    Question Newly built pc can't turn off, no beep on startup, no post

    Hi there, I'm a very new bc builder, as in this is my first ever build. I followed the numerous videos online, but still, the system will not start properly. However, the fans seem to run. There are a few problems: 1) I can't turn the computer off, only on. The power button on the case does...
  4. M

    Question First time build! I don't have enough fan headers on my motherboard.

    So my mobo only has 2 fan headers. 1 is for my cpu but I still got 3 more fans to go. the stock fans i got has a molex socket in the middle and ends in a 3-pin. This might sound stupid but can I connect the 3 fans through their molex sockets back to back (like the human centipede) and then plug...
  5. A

    Question Is my Motherboard dead? - "No video output"

    I am having trouble researching this online to match my exact case. I am getting a "No video output" case on my Asus H110M-K D3 motherboard. I tried everything here: and...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Beginners Question

    So, the topic of ssds has been stumping me. I can't grasp the how and why of ssds. So, do I HAVE to install windows onto the ssd for it to be functional, or is it just a regular thing to do. Can I just install my ssd, then boot up my computer like normal, and if I do will it work, or will it do...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Budget Build Challenge!

    Hello everyone, I built my first PC a few months ago and loved the challenge and everything involved with it. Now my friend wants to get into PC gaming but wants to start out with a $500 budget for the PC, can anyone recommend me components? I'm thinking about an RX 570/580 and a Ryzen 2200G...
  8. C

    Question Build review - first timer

    My son (he's 9!) and I are building our first computer together. I've read a few articles and read over the specs on the parts that we've chosen, but am a bit nervous about pulling the trigger since it is our first build, and the first I've put together in 20 years. If anyone has the interest...
  9. Wilburbruh

    [SOLVED] Am I doing anything wrong?

    First time builder here and I need a place to get some confirmation that I’m planning a decent build. Link to my planned build: My budget is around 750 usd I want to know if I’m headed in the right direction with this build? Is the Ryzen 5 1600 a solid CPU...
  10. J

    Proper resolution not listed after re-install.

    Hi internet My parents' laptop was getting really slow, so i decided to re-install Windows. When they bought it, it had Windows 7, so i thought that it would be a good idea to upgrade to Windows 8.1. When we booted the laptop up however, we had an error (which i don't really remember) and we...