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  1. E

    Question Beginner PC builder, internet card doesn't fit with new GPU

    I'm helping my younger brother upgrade his Graphics Card to an ATI Radeon R7 240 but we cant fit it in with our internet adapter. We got a ribbon cable riser but its too long at its ports to fit either. We need some kind of 90 degree adaptor, ideally not bigger than 15 mm. Can anyone provide...
  2. J

    Question (Beginner) Overheating PC. What Should I Do? Help/Tips?

    (Hi, I'm pretty new to PC maintenance and have never built a PC before so apologies for any noob moments in advance. :ouimaitre:) PC specs I could find - G6 Fusion 600 X2 - 6 Core AMD Gaming PCCase: G6 Vantage Red (ATX) Processor (CPU): AMD FX 6300 (6x 3.50GHz) AM3+ Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE -...
  3. PhillipK

    Question Upgrading PC Questions

    Hello, I have a question pertaining to these pieces of tech. Soon I will be upgrading my PC, I will be adding 2 sticks of 4GB ram, replacing an i3-4130 with an i7-4790k, and replacing a Geforce GTX 660 with a Geforce GTX 1070. I am wondering if, after doing these upgrades, I will have to enter...
  4. fireboy16

    Question Recommend OC setting for pentium g3258

    Before i start i did kinda OC my pentium to 4.2 but i left my voltages and other stuff to auto, i just need confirmation if that's alright and also if i could futher push my ghz to 4.3-4.5 and also kinda stupid but i didn't stress test, but is seem to average around 39-50 while doing light...
  5. Wilburbruh

    Question Am I doing anything wrong?

    First time builder here and I need a place to get some confirmation that I’m planning a decent build. Link to my planned build: My budget is around 750 usd I want to know if I’m headed in the right direction with this build? Is the Ryzen 5 1600 a solid CPU...
  6. F

    FX 6300 upgrade to?

    Hello and thanks in advance for your time and help reading this thread, I have an AMD FX 6300 Black Edition Overclock to 4.3ghz, 8 GB of ram DDR3 21xx, the video card is an asus astrix R7 380 4gb overclock, a 4tb HDD and an aftermarket fan for the CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212, everything runs...
  7. P

    i need help choosing a motherboard

    hello i am currently in the process of upgrading my pc and am upgrading most of my parts the only parts i am keeping are my 750 Watt powersupply and am keeping my 128GB SSD CORSAIR FORCE LX SATA3 SSD DRIVE. anyway i am upgrading to a i5-8600k gtx 1070 and corsair vengeance DDR4 16GB of ram...
  8. 1

    GTX 980 too much for G5400?

    My neighbor has a Pentium Gold G5400 3.7 GHz and was going to buy a GTX 1050 Ti. But I have a MSI GTX 980 Gamer I'd be willing to sell him for the same price. So, two questions: 1) Is the G5400 going to be a bottleneck for the GTX 980? 2) is the Antec 500W Earthwatts big enough for the GTX...
  9. L

    HDMI out of range LG Monitor GTX 970

    I have been using this card and monitor for over a year now and i just encountered this problem. After using the computer for a while it either by playing games or using it to render 3d animations the screen goes black and it gives me the message HDMI out of range. I have also tried using the...
  10. R

    New Seasonic PSU - Black Screens (Monitor loses signal)

    Hello, I bought a Seasonic Focus Plus 850W Platinum last week which seemed to work fine in the beginning (desktop use). However, when I tested a game, I got a black screen under full GPU load after few seconds (monitor lost signal, could still hear people talk in teamspeak, so not a full...
  11. T

    Computer won’t start after 1080ti slight over clocking

    Hi I tried over clocking my new MSI GTX 1080ti Seahawk using MSI Afterburner with incremental increases. Everything worked fine and shut down PC normally. Now I cannot get the machine to power up with the graphics cards installed. It works with another card but not the 1080, I get a...
  12. D

    4670k OC issues

    Hey, Pretty new to overclocking and I'm trying to find stable overclock for my 4670k, but it seems I got rather unlucky with my cpu. I set it to 4.2Ghz and 1.2V, if I run intel burn test, I can run it for hours and my pc wont reboot or BSOD, but if I run prime95 it will reboot or bsod after...
  13. S


    I have a H100 v2 Corsair liquid cooler and my case is cooler master force 500 ATX mid-tower case. Apparently,there is no possible to fit the coller in this case. But theoritcally it is compatible.
  14. A

    ASUS L403N - No Lights, Not Charging, Not Turning On

    My ASUS L403N which I recently bought about a month ago no longer turns on. The charger is plugged in correctly, and I've tried multiple outlets (no plugged in light appears). The battery is non-removable and there is no reset button. I've tried a hard reset by holding the power button for...
  15. R

    Wan Repeater and health issues.

    Hi, I don't know if its the right section or even such questions are answered here so I will post it here and if its against the policy of forum or such questions are not answered here i will close the post, So here's my question or rather a doubt, yesterday I asked my ISP for better plans and...
  16. O

    Help needed please, stuttering gameplay on my NEW BUILD!!!!!

    Hi all, long time reader here, first time poster. Anyway, my new build is doing my head in. Gameplay is stuttering badly in GTA V and slightly annoyingly in Battlefield 1 and Sniper Elite 3. I haven't bothered downloading any of my other games just yet as I assume its not just down to those...
  17. D

    SSD slowing down even when mostly empty

    My computer's main and only drive is a crucial mx300 750gb, the logic being that since I won't be filling it up too much I should be able to keep good speeds throughout more than the month and a half since I built it. The weird thing is that I've noticed significantly higher bios times and login...
  18. R

    Motherboards maximum RAM capacity

    Hello guys, The motherboard I have currently is the MSI 2a9c and at this moment in time I have 4GB DDR3 plugged. I bought the desktop ready made (big mistake I know) roughly 5 years ago. I'm looking to upgrade to 8GB or maybe 16GBs. Along with the RAM upgrade I'm planning to upgrade my CPU to a...
  19. F

    DVI-I port sending only analog signal

    For almost a year i had been using my monitor that has a DVI-D port with a gtx960 that has a DVI-I Port. Today i have used an adapter from DVI-I to VGA and conected my old CRT monitor, it runed fine so i dissconected it, but when i tried to conect my DVI-D monitor it just dosn´t work, it says...
  20. T

    please help... memory usage high even on idle

    Sometimes my memory usage % goes up to 90 % and even though I exit all programs it still shows high memory usage. The only way to lower it is to restart the pc. Is there something wrong?