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  1. phantomcloak

    [SOLVED] No post screen inconsistent boot behaviour

    Hi I had this inconsistent boot problem for a long and now not boot at all while my problem is little bit unclear due to its behaviour I couldn't determine exact which part is faulty(I suspect psu and loose cpu) because it can occurre any time and any condition I hope I can explain, the...
  2. DavidMB

    Question Laptop fans act strangely with certain games

    I forgot when this started happening, but one day suddenly on my G7 7790 laptop, whenever I launched Borderlands 2, my fans would immediately turn on max speed, and stay that way for the whole game. I think this started happening a couple months after I got the laptop, and I find it bizarre...
  3. A

    stock cpu fan replacement suggestion

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me out. I built my own PC like a couple of months ago. Everything has been OK except couple of things. 1. the stock cpu fan (that comes in the box together with CPU) is a bit noisier or louder than normal. I left it there because I...