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  1. ryusxd

    Question Superlux E205 buzzing problem

    What's up guys. I bought a new microphone like 2 weeks ago, it's the Superlux E205, also a needed mixer, which is the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB. Sounds nice to this point, except there wouldn't be a problem: When I start up Audacity, my microphone is buzzing somehow, or it sounds like that. The...
  2. JohnPC33

    Question PC turns on and off repeatedly

    Hi. Every time I turn my PC on ,fans are spinning for a few seconds then stop then turn on again repeatedly and the only way to get in bios is changing CMOS battery then force boot the HDD every time I turn on my PC.Need some advice on what's going on because I cannot suspect any of my hardware...
  3. Staars

    Question AIO Fans not working

    Hello everyone, i dismantled my unit to clean it, I removed the cooler's fans to clean them, and now when I turn on the pc, instead of them working they "pulse", they dont work and are "twitching", what can it be?
  4. rorschach321

    Games freeze (or crash) once a while once the GPU is stressed almost at max after upgrading PC

    Hello community! Help a fellow enthusiast! :) I'm currently experiencing frezes in pretty much all GPU-intensive games once the utilization is hitting max (99-100%). Although it seems like a freezing issue, games actually crash because sometimes I can see there's a second window message that...
  5. H

    PSU workaround for Dell Optiplex 3050 SFF

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a graphics card, presumably GTX 1060. The only obstacle is, of course, the proprietary PSU. It's using one 6-pin + one 4-pin connect to the motherboard and CPU, respectively. I know there're no standard PSUs support it, and it seems Dell PSU for these connector rated...
  6. K

    How to apply grizzly kryonaut to a laptop CPU ?

    The official documentation says that you have to spread the paste all over the metal surface on the CPU... Can I just put a pea or a line in the middle ? does it even matter ?
  7. Z

    Fortnite does not work with my graphics card help!

    \ I have radeon r9 200 series and this only application that doesn't work is fortnite. please help thankS!
  8. I

    Running Windows 10 and Freenas on Same System?

    So I got an older system recently from a friend who has since upgraded and had no use for it what so ever. Its a decently powerful system, Older FM2 AMD Apu and has two gtx 780s in Sli. I would like to use it as a NAS as my current storage system is my internal 4tb hard drive and an external 2tb...
  9. X

    Monitor is detected but displays no signal

    Hello, I have an acer XF240H connected to a GTX 1060 6gb via display port. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem where it says No Signal, even though my computer is detecting that it is there. In my display settings and nvidia control panel, it says I have two monitors. My secondary monitor is...
  10. K

    File Transfer to External Drive isn't copying

    I've been trying to copy a 38 Gig file from a WD Elements 2TB hard drive to a 4TB WD Black drive. It's been roughly 12 hours since I started copying it. Here's the weird thing, I checked properties on the file that was copied and the size of the file is exactly the size of the original, but...
  11. O

    Lost all drivers after new motherbard and cpu.

    After changing my old motherboard asus with a amd fx 4100 with a msi z370 gaming plus i3 8100 i lost all my drivers. Usb drivers internet drivers both wifi and ethernet. And cd drivers. So my pc is basically dead. Windows 7 works alright and so does programs but i cant find any way to install...
  12. G

    Ram running at half speed

    I have a single stick Corsair Venegance DDR4 8gb ram stick supposed to run at 2400mhz, but AIDA64 is saying that it is running about half of that, how do I make it run at full speed?
  13. T

    Remapping my onboard sound card

    I was wondering if i can remap my onboard realtek pc sound card input jacks so that i can have audio from the microphone jack and vice versa. Backstory.. I broke my headphone prong inside my audio jack and i am currently with a low priced usb sound card so that i can have audio from my pc...
  14. R

    Wich Mainboard is good for this configuration

    Wich Mainboard is good for this configuration: Processor: Intel core i7 6700K GPU: NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1070 Gainward Case: Be quiet silent base 600 RAM: corsair Vengance DDR4 3200 MHZ
  15. P

    Please help me!

    I recently bought a desktop, and have been having issues. I bought a Sony headset, with mic. I plugged it in to the mic jack, and talked. Nothing happened. Raised volume to 100 and added 30 more decibels, now even when I speak my loudest, I get one bar showing up. Please help! Why is one bar...
  16. A

    z77 extreme4 with G.Skill Ares

    Hi! I have a asrock z77 extreme4 mobo and i cant find G.Skill Ares F3-2400C11-8GAB on the supported ram list. will it work with it? Is it safe to put it in?
  17. D

    Windows 10 USB drivers for Dell E7440?

    I just ran into an issue this morning with my USB ports not working, checked each port with multiple devices and they are not working. I checked Device Manager and showing two USB drivers requiring updating (Intel(R) 8 Series USB Enhanced Host Controller#1 - 9C26 and USB xHCI Compliant Host...
  18. S

    Dfndr antivirus not uninstall ing

    I downloaded games but it's asset filed are missing due to this antivirus software
  19. P

    buy ryzen 7 or wait for intel coffee lake

    hello, I'm building a pc for live streaming so can i buy ryzen 7 or wait for intel coffee lake ? my budget is 300$ for cpu
  20. Kenmasta

    Getting game crash/blue screen on win10 with XMP enabled

    Hi, as stated in the title I'm suspecting that enabling XMP was the main cause as this was the only changes I made before it started to happen. CPU would then be running at 4.2Ghz to push my RAM to 3000Hz while enabled which is my original plan. I'm disabling XMP for now and running at default...