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  1. S

    Question 2 years old pc underperforming

    As I said in title , my pc got slower and slower recently and i blamed it on the internet speed , but I decided to try benchmarking it and the results told me that the pc is performing below expectations, and the cpu is in the 6th percentile. can anyone help me out and tell me how to try and fix...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] 3070 Issues

    I've been comparing my 3070 to benchmarks I've seen on YouTube or other websites and mine isn't performing similarly (Warzone I get about 130 fps-Far Cry 6 I get about 90-130) nothing to complain about just worried that there's something wrong with gpu, it's not too big of a difference I'm just...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Msi b660 pro A vs msi mag b660m mortar

    I have seen a lot of benchmarks that says that the mortar one is the superior one(vrm wise and points wise) BUT the comparison were between msi b660m pro A and b660m mag mortar. Now my option with pro A is normal one(not micro atx) and b660m mag mortar. So my only question is:if the pro A one...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to determine what temperature my current build will reach with a case without testing it

    There are many videos with case temperature benchmarks where they are compared with other cases but is there a way to see what my current build will reach in a case? I need this info before I proceed to buy the thing so testing first hand is not an option. Thanks
  5. Jggarb

    [SOLVED] pc under performing help

    any tips to improve this
  6. DragonDare

    [SOLVED] Is this a good benchmark score for a laptop? (HP Pavilion 15-ec1051AX)

    Not overclocked, new laptop.
  7. M

    [SOLVED] SSD Benchmark Once Harmful?

    Hello, So I recently installed a secondary M.2 SSD in my system for some more space. I ran UserBenchmark just to verify that everything was working correctly and nothing was defective. After the test it looked like everything was running fine. However, I was reading online that these SSD...
  8. KELR04

    [SOLVED] What temp should my cpu be?

    I recently made a build, and know that my parts are probably not the best price to performance when you look at it instantly, but they had some crazy deals, and I felt they would be nice. I currently have a 10700k that is being cooled by a coreliquid 360r, in a gungnir 110r case with I think 3...
  9. S

    Question UserBenchmark showing below potential GPU performance but percentages showing otherwise.

    My RTX 2060 bench shows 90.7% and the relative performance (PC status) shows 77th percentile which is really good. But still it says performing below potential. What might be the reason for that? I am perfectly satisfied with the actual performance of my GPU but I just don't understand why...
  10. SuperPants7441

    [SOLVED] i5 7600k - Why do i have a lower bench score when compared to itself on CPU-Z?

    Hi I have an i5 7600k overclocked to 4.2ghz. When running a CPU benchmark on CPU-Z, I am getting a higher than 'reference' single thread bench score when compared to its self as a reference. My score 504.9 versus reference score 480. However my multi-thread score is 1147.4 versus the reference...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080ti performance far below average.

    Hello people, I've been running a ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING for about a year and a half and recently I noticed that it's performance is quite far from what it's supposed to be. I've been running some benchmarks and comparing FPS with friends and some videos online, and while I do...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] Stuttering - Weird FPS benchmarks: Good avarage FPS -> very low 1% min (i5 3470,GTX750)

    Hi. I have build bugdet gaming PC. The goal was to play Fortnite and CSGO. I build PC based on DELL 7010 Tower (not slim etc). The problem I face is that i have rare huge drops in FPS. Games are stuttering from time to time. They make the game playable but are annoying. It is very well...
  13. R

    Question Stress testing GPU without using GPU for video

    I am trying to stress test 2 different GPUs with the limitation that they cannot be used for video, as the set up does not allow access to the video ports. They are both MxM models, and a discrete VGA chip is used as the primary video out. Is there a way to run a benchmark "in the...
  14. Micah M. K. Matichuk

    Question CPU benchmark results

    In mid-January I overclocked my 9900K to 5.0GHz and undervolted until it was ideal. I tested it with UserBenchmark several times and got very consistent results every time: A couple days ago I decided to clean-install Windows (I didn't have to) and half-expected to get improved results. So I...
  15. K

    Question Low Bench scores for RTX 2060

    I see where people are getting higher scores for the RTX 2060 than I am. I'm not even getting the rated score, what can I do to fix this and get the most out of my card?? RTX 2060 Gaming Z Ryzen 7 2700 16gb Corsair 3200 120gb ssd 500gb hdd
  16. Deanosaurus

    [SOLVED] Just ran my pc through user benchmark with worrying results.

    Hi guys, i've just ran my computer through userbenchmark and the results are worrying me, its saying my gpu is performing below expectations and also my hard drives, bear in mind though my hard drives are nearly full so not sure if this makes a difference. I checked the status of my hd's with...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Am I getting what I paid for?

    I feel like missing on some performance with my system. Could anyone please validate if this is normal or should I be getting more. 3DMark Time spy results (everyone with similar system is getting above 12 000 score and I'm getting): Time spy score: 11 414 Graphic score: 11 761 CPU Score: 9 755...
  18. m7mod

    Question i5-9400F sub average performance in CB r15

    Hello, So i just installed my new i5-9400f (upgrading from 8100) and after benchmarking it and comparing the results with the ones i found online i realized that my cpu did poorer than others most of the videos that i watched had the cpu hitting around 940CB while mine hit 743CB. the cpu did...
  19. Boraes

    Question Increased System RAM Lead To Lower Unigine score

    Hiya Everyone, Ok I noticed something odd yesterday evening. I usually run Corsair Vengenance 32Gb DDR3 2400Mhz RAM (4 x 8gb) bought as 2 x sets. I recently had a dead stick which under their life time warranty meant I had to send back two of the sticks as they were sold as a pair. Ok no...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] GPU crashes at high load, except after running benchmark

    My GPU crashes at high load, ranging from very low performance and stuttering to game crashes or even system crashes. This occurs unless I run Unigine Heaven Benchmark at Ultra settings with Normal tessellation beforehand, then everything after runs buttery smooth. Bit of a weird fix, not sure...
  21. andrewcaldwell9

    [SOLVED] Free benchmark software for 1440p

    I am wondering what are a few good free benchmarking programs for testing 1440p resolution. I only seem to be able to find free software that only uses 1080p or 4k. I know I can just run a game but I don't have my steam library installed yet as I am building a new system and want to know...
  22. ceriumin

    [SOLVED] Dont trust benchmarking videos

    I'm terrorised. I watched a benchmark once for fx4300 and gtx1050 in overwatch to see how it would run. 70 fps on medium somewhere around that. I used to have a gt710 and upraded to a gtx1050 and still own a garbage fx4300 which I will soon save for a Ryzen 3. But I launched overwatch and I'm...
  23. U

    Question 2080 Ti Firestrike

    So, I really want to get community input on this. I know a decent amount about computers, but I’ve never been much into bechmarking performance until recently. Long story short. I bought an EVGA 2080ti Black Edition for a new system I’ve built. Specs are: Core i9 9900K Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI...
  24. J

    Question High background cpu usage 85% - 80% - 65%

    Hello guys, I just did three benchmark tests on Userbenchmark out of curiosity and on all three showed high cpu background usage when nothing was open whilst task manager only shows 3-4% which I think is worrying? The only I change is I enabled XMP to run at 2933 recently. Resource monitor...
  25. S

    [SOLVED] SSD under performing?

    View: screen shots of my benchmarking scores. everything is preforming above or as expected but not my SSD...
  26. D

    First time gaming pc

    Approximate Purchase Date: End of summer, likely. Budget Range: 1700 before rebates System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web browsing/school work; work; gaming Parts Not Required: Possibly monitor, but it is shit. If absolutely needed, I could test it with Ubuntu. Preferred Website(s)...