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  1. Lucas G

    [SOLVED] Can I test a GPU without having to install drivers?

    So I have a RX 6650 xt but I'm going to sell a card I got (Geforce Titan Black) so it's a bit of an older card and I wanted to put it in my pc to test it out to see if it has display. My worry is that 1. my pc can get damaged if the GPU is damaged or something and 2. NVIDIA drivers will install...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Benchmark - Entire system is underperforming

    Hey all, First time doing this sort of thing. I've looked everywhere and can't find any solutions that are working. Never experienced this problem, but also never had a pc this high end. See my benchmark below I had a few background...
  3. D

    Question (Can/how) do you wire multiple power supplies?

    Hello I could use some advice for using more than one power supply to power car amplifiers and Virtual pinball solenoids and knockers. I have a few 300/350w ATX power supplies that I would like to use for this setup. I have them all wired so I can turn them on with a switch. Obviously...
  4. M

    Question GPU is working but not working

    I have recently bought some new components for my build and I'm having a bit of a unique issue, I've went across google with a magnifying glass and I can't find anyone with this problem. I went out 2 days ago and bought a new MOBO, Processor, ram and a AIO cooler for my pc and I get everything...
  5. Hardquery

    [SOLVED] what are disadvantages in buying old used 2nd hand Ryzen CPU with warranty?

    I was planning ryzen 7 2700x new build but as now 5000 series launched Ryzen 5 5600x and ryzen 7 5800x the price of ryzen 3700x and 3800x falled down but the price if ryzen 2700x increased and I got in mind that I am investing rs 20k for ryzen 2700x which is outdated and 2018 launched...
  6. EridanusSV

    [SOLVED] Proper front AIO mounting orientation?

    View: As you can see from GamersNexus recent project and video -- they suggested to have the tubes below instead of the top. Would it really make a difference? He didn't mention any temps but only that it eliminates air bubbles. I have a 360mm on its way and now I'm...
  7. Darkbreeze

    How To Motherboard bench testing

    Finding the problem through bench testing If you are here then it’s likely you have encountered a serious hardware issue and have been unable to resolve it using the standard no-POST troubleshooting procedures. If you have not yet attempted to resolve your issues using the no-POST...
  8. K

    Question Low Bench scores for RTX 2060

    I see where people are getting higher scores for the RTX 2060 than I am. I'm not even getting the rated score, what can I do to fix this and get the most out of my card?? RTX 2060 Gaming Z Ryzen 7 2700 16gb Corsair 3200 120gb ssd 500gb hdd
  9. S

    [SOLVED] SSD under performing?

    View: screen shots of my benchmarking scores. everything is preforming above or as expected but not my SSD...