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  1. S

    Question Are my components working properly?

    After suffering games having low performance from what i thought would do a good job, i decided to do a benchmark on userbenchmarks because my games were getting slower as they were running for longer and i've seen others with the same components get higher more consistent framerates...
  2. HardAsARockie

    Question i7-8700K Benchmark Performing Below Expectations (Not Overclocked) (I Know Most Of The Benchmarks Are Overclocked)

    Hello. I'm only asking this question because I remember benchmarking right after I built my PC and my processor was performing as expected. Now, I'm performing below expected, as you can see from the benchmark. One reason I think this may be is that the number of people who benchmarked with an...
  3. S

    Question Awful performance on a new build

    After spending about 900 euros on new components to upgrade my 4 year old rig, I was met with a shitty surprise when i benchmarked my system & also the new CPU seems to be working harder than it should. Also opening tabs is a bit laggy & dragging anything around the desktop lags as if my CPU is...
  4. D

    Question Something wrong with my 590?

    Guys I just bought the NITRO + RX 590 SE Sapphire from Canada, i live far far away and a friend sent it to me. My specs are: CPU: i7 4790k PSU: CM Vanguard 650W GOLD HDD: 7.2k RPM WD Blue MB: H81M S1 Rev 2.1 RAM: 2x8 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz I played a few games, i tried GTA V on ultra, got around...
  5. Y

    Question Intel optane benchmark error?

    My desktop dell 5680 inspiron came with a Intel Optane+931GBHDD 1TB whenever all of my components are above expectation but there seems to be a problem? after using user benchmark I receive this notice... Relative performance n/a - RAM cached drive detected what does...
  6. I

    Question Low SSD M.2 4k read/write

    Greetings, Just recently, I built a custom PC and was testing stuff out. While everything seems to be working fine I have some doubts about the WD Green M.2 240gb SSD. When I run AS SSD Benchmark the numbers and the score seem very low. BIOS updated to latest version, IDE ATA/ATAPI - Intel...
  7. J

    My pc wont turn on when graphic card is plug

    Hello guys im desperate, My pc wont turn on when graphic card is plug, i have a xfx r9 380 and it was working well but like a week ago the pc just wont turn on,today i tried unplugging the graphic card and the pc TURN ON but when i tried to plug it back it just does nothing the case fan spin...
  8. P

    Gray X on icons

    I just noticed gray x's on my desktop icons, except for recycle bin. Can someone tell me what it is? A screen shot is located here: Now a green check mark