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  1. rohan_lais

    Question BenQ monitor connected to Macbook says "No Signal Detected" ?

    I bought a BenQ EL2870U monitor. I tried connecting my Macbook (16 inch, 2019, OS Version: Big Sur 11.2.1) to the monitor's HDMI input. I used a USB Type C to HDMI adapter. Mac is able to detect the display (System Preferences -> Display -> Gather Windows shows a dialog for the BenQ monitor)...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] BenQ EL2870U alternatives

    The BenQ EL2870U caught my eye. One store has a low stock and is selling them for 220 euros, which roughly translates to 220 dollars in the U.S. markets. I'm wondering if I should go for it, or if there's a model for the same price or less with better colors and black levels. I don't mind to...