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    Question Monitor Colors

    If i set my picture mode to standard and color vibrance to 11 i have very nice colors but it is rather dark at night when playing games like Forza horizon 4 or Minecraft and when i change the color vibrance to 10 the colors become more dull but it is no longer so dark also when i set it to 9 it...
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    Question 144HZ monitor cabels pls help

    So my question which is the better to use for 144HZ? A dvi-d dual link cabel with this Or this...
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    Question Monitor Becomes Fuzzy and Stops Working

    Hello everyone, I noticed when I came back to my computer after a break one of the monitors was fuzzy. By this I mean that it appears as if the details of every other line of pixels shifted one pixel to the right or that the image itself was copied and shifted over one pixel so that every...