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  1. R

    i7-7700k Voltages High? and Temps

    Hi, I've just overclocked my i7-7700k to 4.6GHz using MSI Game Boost. However, when I checked the voltages in command centre I thought that they looked too high for 4.6GHz which could be a reason why my CPU is at around 80-85c at ADIA 64 stress test and can average around 40-50c when idle. Do...
  2. Y

    MSI B350 and Ryzen 5 compatability

    Hey hoping to get some help with my new build MSI B350 PC MATE Ryzen 5 1600 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000MHz 2x8gb Initially I had trouble posting then realised one of the RAM sticks wasn't working so I returned them to the retailer who tested both sticks and said they were in working condition...
  3. B

    GTX1060 with XC600

    Will a GTX 1060 3GB be okay with an Acer Aspire XC600 motherboard. My specs are as follows: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i5 2300 2.8GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm RAM: 8GB single channel DDR3 @665MHz Motherboard: Acer Aspire XC600 GPU: currently a 2GB GTX 770 PSU: I'm not sure on this right now. Not wanted...
  4. bagus_mukti

    Radeon 535 Performance?

    Is This Good? What Nvidia Mobile Series have Similiar Perf. of This GPU? i search Google Found Nothing About This (Except AMD Site) i want user review about it
  5. S

    Monitor and tv together?

    I connected monitor with vga cable,tv with hdmi on same gpu.When connected together,can they have different resolutions? Right now it looks bad on tv. Max resolution on monitor is 1680/1050,tv is HD Ready.
  6. harroldeenioofficial

    Windows 10 UI issue

    Hello! I have been wondering this issue for ages, I have a Asus S271HL which is a 1920x1080 monitor. For some reason, my windows ui seems to be bigger than some other 1920x1080p monitors. I just notice that mine looks bigger than other peoples 1920x01080 monitors. Please help me! Here is an...
  7. J

    my pc crashes when i play big games

    so recently my computer has started to crash when I try to play graphically intense games such as Black Desert Online, Rainbow 6,CSGO etc. . anyways, could upgrading my PSU be a possible fix ?
  8. 8

    No display output

    Alright so I have an xfx Radeon 7850 dual fan and barely got a strong enough power supply for it I plug EVERYTHING in hook up dvi-d to monitor and card switch from mobo vga to graphics card dvi-d but no output windows doesn't recognize my card even existing please help
  9. S

    Enquiry regarding Monitors

    Hello! 1. Is a 29" Ultra-Wide Monitor a 29" Flat Monitor perfect for: -Viewing Satellite TV channels using a connected Satellite receiver into one of the HDMI ports (Am I going to see black bars on some channels or it will be automatically stretched with image distortion? because most...
  10. B

    Does changing os but keeping the old hardrive work?

    i want to get windows 10 for my pc that currently has windows 7. I also want to keep my harddrive because i dont want to reinstall everything i have on it. If i install windows 10 on this hardrive does it just overwrite windows 7 or does it completely f*** up my pc? Thanks
  11. K

    Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Burner can't read any discs

    I bought a Blu-ray burner (Pioneer BDR-206DBK) from amazon (link) And it's not working. I'm using Windows 10. Windows Explorer sees it, it identifies it as "BD-RE Drive (E: )" with a disc icon that says "BD", double clicking on it ejects the tray as if there was no disc, and Windows Device...
  12. O

    Help me choose monitor for PS4

    First of all,sorry for my English. Right now I’m choosing monitor for ps4. I most of time I play FPS and other fast games. I already tried Dell P2417H and return it because of very noticeable ghosting. Now I take LG 23MP68VQ that slightly better,but I’m still think it’s very blurred. So I ask...
  13. E

    VPN and RDP one click solution

    Is there a one click solution for running forticlient and then rdp? Software or script?
  14. 6

    i5 7600k vs i7 8700K

    hello would it be worth it to upgrade from a i5 7600k to a i7 8700k ? im playing on 3440x1440 Acer predator x34 100hz with asus strix 1080 ti OC......will be there any improvment in fps? bcs i dont know why but i have just 60-80 fps on bf1 and if i checked benchs average was cca 115
  15. H

    CPU AIR Cooler For i7 7700K

    I want to get a better CPU air cooler for my i7 7700k, which one should i buy? max 75$, i was thinking about the Dark Rock Pro 4
  16. J

    PC shut off followed by a burning smell, now I can't boot up using my GPU

    So I was gaming as usual, and sudddenly my PC turned off, turned on for a split second, and off again. After I took off the side pannel I smelled a burning smell, I'm pretty sure it came from the GPU. Now when I try turning it on using my GPU it turns on for a split second and off again. If I...
  17. H

    GTX 1070 ti vs GTX 1080 ?

    Was going to buy GTX 1080 to be paired with core i5 8400 for my first gaming PC, but i have seen some benchmarks and videos between 1080 and 1070 ti, then i found that 1080 is better but not much difference, however, 1080 is much expensive, So just wanted to ask, is 1070 ti good choice to go...
  18. A

    Can we bend a mobo?

    Guys,on my pc build I slightly bend my motherboard because of I don't have screw enough to tie it.when I tried to plug the mobo slightly bends and now it's working fine.i am asking that any bad caused to my mobo?
  19. I

    Any recommended CPU cooler for i7 8700k?

    hi i'm getting i7 8700k and msi z370m gaming pro ac motherboard currently i have Intel cpu cooler and i5 7400. can you recommend me a cpu cooler that will fit and work perfectly with the new setup ? btw i have a microATX case
  20. D

    CPU overclocking himself

    On my old PC, running a Pentiun E2140 at @ 1.6GHz, w7, when booting, not only that sometimes this PC would not load windows, but when it does, it gives me a message saying this: "A7592IMS V26.6 030211 INTEL (R) DUAL CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz, SPEED: 200x8=1600 MHz DRAM FREQUENCY FOR DDR3 800 (DUAL...