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  1. M

    Pc keeps freezing

    I wish I could describe the problem further but I don't even know where to begin. I recently built a streaming pc. It was an old pc, bought it in 2014 from cyberpowerpc. Anyways recently I swapped out the MOBOs and CPUs. Whenever I start it up it would crash. Now it doesn't do that but it...
  2. extreme_noob

    ssd upgrade for hp compaq pro 6300 sff

    I am thinking of getting a samsung 860 evo 250 gb ssd for my hp compaq pro 6300 sff. I plan on keeping the hard drive in for files that i don't need to load quickly. the 6300 sff has 1 sata 3.0 port, 2 sata 2.0 ports, and 1 esata port. It comes with a sata III hdd and an optical drive. First...
  3. T

    Performance vs aesthetics

    So i have the money to buy a watercooler or another 8 gigs of ram. So with the watercooler my system will look a lot better but with more ram i think i wont have stuttering because the minimum requirements are 8 gigs and i already have 8. So what path do i follow?
  4. Dammie

    What would you upgrade if you were me?

    My specs are: UserBenchmarks: Game 104%, Desk 94%, Work 55% CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K - 88.4% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070-Ti - 119.4% SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB - 951.2% SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB - 128.2% HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB - 97.6% HDD: Hitachi HTS725032A9A364 320GB - 54.2% RAM: Micron...
  5. S2Charlie

    NAS Storage upgrade question

    I have a Qnap NAS (TS459 Pro) with 4 4 terabyte hard drives but I was planning to upgrade them one by one as they crap out to larger drives, then expqnd the array once they were all replaced. Is this possible? I checked Qnaps website and they describe the situation replacing them one by one, but...
  6. K

    $1000 GTX 1080 Build?

    I have arround $1000 to build a gaming PC that will also be able to stream quite well. I am not sure where I sould start and would like a 1080 but a 1070 would do quite fine. If you have any suggestions or a build of your own it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. K

    Reinstalling Windows apps

    Hello, my calendar app wasn't working properly on my Windows 10 (which may have been a result of an insider build update because the latest patch solved the issue). To fix the issue, I googled around and I think executed via PowerShell (admin) 'Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage' I...
  8. L

    Black and White Build

    So, as RGB can get pricey sometimes, I decided to settle for a Black and White build :p can I have some opinions from you? I tried to 50/50 it and finding a case was tough, but I think it matches all together :)
  9. T

    Can I Use Intel I7 8700k In ASRock H110M-HDV mother board

    Can I Use Intel I7 8700k In ASRock H110M-HDV motherboard Currently, I'm using I3 7100 and I want to Upgrade To The Best CPU I Can Put In My MotherBoard. If I Can't Put The I7 8700k What Is The Best CPU I Can Put In My motherboard
  10. D


    Only My office Headquarter has the IP VPN facility to connect to organisational Intranet. Im about 2 kilometers away from the headquarter. I'm responsible for updating the organization website and i always have to travel to HQ for this task since updating can only be done throug the IP VPN. Some...
  11. A

    sli not working

    hello everyone got a problem with my gpus. Recently got 2 1080ti, both of them work fine if I put one at a time in pcie1. If I put the second gpu in the pcie2 or 3 my motherboard recognizes the gpu(already checked in bios in the gpui section and all green, all pcie seems to work fine) but when...
  12. J

    GA-970A-DS3P FX motherboard

    can you use 2 processors on this mobo?
  13. I

    How To Fortnite Battle Royale - No Audio in Win 10 Fix

    Many players are facing the issue of no sound from Fortnite Battle Royale in their PCs. This has annoyed a lot of gamers and no official solution or patch has been rolled out be Epic. But, there is one potential fix to this problem and it has been tested on Win 10, but may also work on other...
  14. A

    need help building a pc $800 budget

    hello i would like to build a pc on a $800 budget (can spend more if needed) . this will be my first build ever so any advice is high appreciated!! .also i already have a pc case the nzxt phantom 530& i have 4 ssds 250gb , and a 4tb external drive , and 3 monitors (all 3 of them are 1080p dvi...
  15. Y

    PC Freezing & Random Restarts

    Recently I've run into an issue. Lately my PC has been either randomly restarting itself without warning or it'll freeze. I've not changed anything, it was fine up until a few days ago. Can't seem to figure out the issue. I checked the Event Viewer and every time this happens it has critical...
  16. C

    Over voltage CPU

    I bought Amd FX 8350 CPU, but when I install it the computer show me a error saying that my CPU was over voltage. I change the power supply and I still having the same problem. The voltage level are high and the computer doesn't let me change it or maybe I don't know how to change it. I have try...
  17. saif magdob

    Time to upgrade my i7-4790 or should I wait some more years, whats the best GPU my i7-4790 can handle?

    Hello Tomshardware! Time to upgrade my i7-4790 (non k) or should I wait some more years, whats the best GPU my i7-4790 (non k) can handle? My PC Specs: Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 (non k) @ 3.60GHz Memory: 16GB DDR3 Motherboard: ASUS B85M-F PLUS Graphic card: GT 710 2GB PSU: 400W...
  18. I

    How Solid Is the Asus Strix 750 TI?

    I have a budget build going on and finally got some money to start a new project. My current build is: CPU: AMD FX 6300 GPU: Asus STRIX GTX 750 TI RAM: 1866 HyperX Fury 2x4gb PSU: Corsair CX Series 450watt Motherboard: Gigabyte LMT USB3 AM3+ I wanted to know if the 750 TI is still a reliable...
  19. D

    2400 c14 vs 2666 c15 - Corsair vs Kingston Memory for Ryzen

    I'm looking at these options for my Ryzen 5 2600X DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz C14 (2x4) DDR4 Kingston Hyper X Fury 2666MHz C15 (2x4) DDR4 Geil EVO Forza Red 3000MHz C15 (2x4)
  20. K

    Gddr5 vs ddr5 vs ddr3

    Which one is faster I'm looking at budget card options and I am gaming on it do I go for 1 gig gddr5 or 2 gig ddr5. My system has a gt 710 2 gig ddr5, 8gig of ram and, i5 750. I'm pretty much asking upgrading options for low profile preferably under 60$.