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  1. K

    Gddr5 vs ddr5 vs ddr3

    Which one is faster I'm looking at budget card options and I am gaming on it do I go for 1 gig gddr5 or 2 gig ddr5. My system has a gt 710 2 gig ddr5, 8gig of ram and, i5 750. I'm pretty much asking upgrading options for low profile preferably under 60$.
  2. R

    Big orange spots on IBM PS/Note 425C

    So basically I just bought an IBM PS/Note 425C and it has 3 big orange spots on its display, and I was wondering if there was any way to fix this. Here are the pics : If you need more information about the display or the machine I'll make my best and to try...
  3. mojorisin23

    My SSD is failing.... Maybe??

    So I started receiving the BSOD with the following code: 0x0000003B This BSOD means that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code. BSOD error code 0x0000003B may also show "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" on the same blue screen...
  4. O

    How do I use AMD graphics card (R5 M330, Adrenalin software) instead of Intel integrated graphics?

    How do I use AMD graphics card (R5 M330, Adrenalin software) instead of Intel integrated graphics?
  5. T

    New Rig: Can I use my previous HDD?

    Hey guys! Currently I have an AMD based rig with Windows 10 home on my SSD. However I also have a 2 terabyte hard drive with Windows 10 Pro on it as well from a different computer. The setup I am building will be utilizing an Intel based motherboard and the new i - 8700 k. I would really like...
  6. R

    Dualboot Ubuntu 16.04 with WIndows 10 stuck due to fast hibernation

    I have been using Windows mostly, but last few days have been using Ubuntu, and today when I tried to access Windows, it's stuck in the blinking cursor. I searched around and found that the fast hibernation to be a possible reason, and have tried few methods already with no results. My...
  7. O

    Next upgrade from ryzen 3 1200?

    Hello can anyone tell me the next best upgrade from ryzen 3 1200? The next step up?
  8. D

    PC won't boot (bugcheck 124)

    So recently while i was playing my pc restarted itself. After that it continued doing the same but right after windows boots up. I checked the event viewer and found out that it is something about bugcheck 124 (0x124). Sometimes it goes past the windows boot - i can open chrome but that's about...
  9. Y

    Reinstalling of OS

    If i were to change my msi h87-g43 board,intel core i7 4790 to asus z370 and intel core i5 8400. Do i have to reinstall windows?
  10. M

    bought a new budget computer and motherboard isnt lighting up

    Hey guys, Built a budget computer. The motherboard isn't lighting up. Key things: PSU works tried it in 2 other motherboards. The rest are brand new (bought today) CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G MOTHERBOARD: ASUS B350M-A PSU: LEPA MX-F1 N350-SB 350W ATX Power Supply RAM: G.Skill NT Series DDR4 4g...
  11. C

    How to open asus x441n cd drive

    How to open the asus x441n cd drive?
  12. T

    My FPS is way to low for my High End (!) Build

    Hey! Alright, this is my build, PROCESSOR -Intel® Core™ i7-7700k COOLING -NZXT Kraken X62 AIO Liquid Cooler MOTHERBOARD -ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO MEMORY -G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 STORAGE -Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB SSD -WD Black 1TB 7200 RPM HDD GRAPHICS CARD...
  13. M

    Selecting a GPU for a specific MOBO

    I need to find a GPU to upgrade my PC a little bit and also so it fits the components i already have. MOBO: Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 CPU: AMD FX 6300 PSU: 500W my current GPU is gtx 750 ti The case dimensions are: 23.11 x 39.88 x 45.21 cm and i got a 6 pin pcie cable if that matters.
  14. J

    Intel Pentium and Intel I5 Compatibility

    I plan to buy a motherboard that will be able to support a Pentium CPU (G4400) $50 and later down the road as i have more funds upgrade to an I3 or I5 will i be able to upgrade to a better CPU down the road? im not a heavy pc user so i have no intention of getting anything better than an i5. I...
  15. B

    Connecting apartment ethernet jacks

    I just moved into a brand new apartment complex and noticed that I have 3 separate coax+ethernet outlets around the apartment. My modem is in the office and the current set-up is coax->modem->router->computer in one room but I want to run a hard line network connection to my xbox due to poor...
  16. Kioya

    VGA Red Light on Motherboard

    Hey everyone, So I have a Z170A SLI MSI motherboard and my VGA light popped on today. I haven't done anything new to my computer all I did was unplug it and move it upstairs last night. All I could think of was maybe I bumped a cord out? So I opened up my old gal and took a look inside I tried...
  17. S

    Is this possible to bypass network speed?

    My ISP currently giving 20MB+ speed at youtube and google play. Can I use other site at full speed with help of this site ip?
  18. X

    What CPU to buy??

    Hello! After buying a new GTX 750TI i encountered a problem in a shape of a possible bottleneck. I have noticed that some games only go up to 50 fps. On a closer inspection i saw gpu usage stay around 40% while cpu is always at a 100%. Seeing as there is still some money left i am asking for...
  19. M

    Accidentally pressed select best answer

    http:// Hi, I accidentallty pressed pick as solution.
  20. K

    IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller changed too 300 series

    I updated by PRIME B250M-PLUS motherboard bios on checking device manager after my IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller shows Intel(r) 300 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller, now im sure this said 200 series chipset before.. My question is should this be a 200 series Chipset controller as am using...