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    Question Xeon Dilemma: E-2689 vs E5-2643v2 vs E5-2670v2

    Hi, guys! I'm building a computer on the 2011 socket for video and music editing and gaming for the next few years. I was choosing used xeon cpu on aliexpress and got stuck between choices among these three options: E-2689 is the cheapest, has 8 cores, 3.6 ghz turbo (not for all 16 threads, i...
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    Need to discretely and quickly wipe laptop hard drive

    I have had a few issues in work with a laptop that I have been using and basically have some software on there that I can't let my boss see. My boss doesn't know the password to my user account, and is bringing the laptop into the office next week so that I can put the password in and login. I...