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  1. G

    [SOLVED] which monitor to choose

    Acer kg241qs or ntro qg221q?Higher refresh rate doesn't really matter to me.
  2. Lunarwolf921

    Question Whats the best portable gaming monitor for my PS5 ?

    I travel a lot so I'm looking for extremely good portable gaming monitor for my ps5
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Asus vg27aq vs Lg 27gl850

    Looking for a new monitor and have narrowed it down to these 2. Asus VG27AQ and LG 27GL850-B Just wanted to get someone else's opinion or feedback if they've owned either of the 2. I play a lot of CSGO and first person shooters as well as games like Skyrim and aoe2 de. I am also running a I7...
  4. K

    Question GSync On a Monitor With FreeSync.

    i was planning to buy a monitor and i Found this 250hz 1ms Response Time Montior, was pretty does the GSYNC work on a FreeSync Monitor??? i like max 27inch Size of Monitor, so what RES it should have ?? please recommend me some Monitor with similar price point (Must be 240 hz and 1ms i...
  5. J

    Question Is it worth money for viewsonic xg2402

    Hi, i dont know which one to pick . What i know xg2402 have more speed than xg2401. How much different ? Can human eye see the differen ? Price VS xg2401 a bit cheaper $35 . Is it worth $35 for xg2402 ? Sry bad englis :) tq
  6. Z

    Can't decide between mobo's

    Should I get the ASUS Z97-A or the MSI Z97 gaming 5?