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    Question Which DE is best for standalone games?

    Hi, I've just put together a new build that I intend to use Linux on, and I would like to know what the best option for a newbie is when playing games. Let me explain... 1. By "best option" I mean that I want to click on the game's icon and play, I don't want to have to type frequent and...
  2. F

    Question Before I buy - - - - are there any known issues with the Lenovo Legion 5 ?

    Hello! Since there's pretty severe issues with power supply in my country and I kind of want to keep doing my job from home, I think of buying a laptop that can run without the need to be plugged in a power socket for ideally 8 hours straight or for let's say 4-5 hours. To do my job I install...
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    Question Mac Mini vs Macbook Air - which to buy?

    Hi. Up until now I have always had Windows computers, but I've decided to switch to Apple. Having looked at specs, prices, common issues and opinions, I am still not sure which is the best option. It will be replacing a desktop PC and laptop, although I do have a tablet for a portable option...
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    Question Need help Asus vs Lenovo

    Hi after reading 200 reviews and doing a deep research about two laptops I want to know the toms hardware forum users opinion about that two mid-high range laptops. I'm talking about the Asus Rog Strix Ryzen 6800h 16GB ddr5 and the 3060 with "140W" TDP...
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    Gaming Laptop Question MSI vs Aorus

    Hi, I need help chosing the best (in general) laptop for gaming. For the 650€ price I have 2 options: Gigabyte Aorus 15-SA-7ES0250D MSI GF65...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Which is the best cooling VGA of these RTX 3080/3080 ti?

    EVGA MSI Palit THX!
  7. Dan Jensen

    Question Which of these two are best? - thanks for all help!

    Hey forum! I really hope you can help me out here, and I really appreciate any input! I realise the more expensive one has a better GPU, GTX 3050 Ti, and the cheaper one has a GTX 3050. But simultaneously.. the cheap one has a better CPU, i5-10400h and the expensive one only has i5-10300h...
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    [SOLVED] What is the best/safest table material to put a full mining rig on?

    Hello all, I want to put my full mining rig on top of a table and I cant decide what table material is the best for all that electric current and hardware? I dont want to get shocked when I touch the table and also, I dont want the electric current to travel through the table and then into the...

    [SOLVED] Which ram should I choose?

    Actually I am going to build a pc. I already picked up every other components. But I was thinking about that which ram should be better for gaming. Which one is better ram between these two (CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO or G SKILL TRIDENT Z NEO). Please tell me which ram is better for gaming.
  10. haadkk

    [SOLVED] Best Driver for GTX 1060 on windows 10

    Best drivers for gtx 1060 for games and more fps best tested one?
  11. noxinum

    [SOLVED] Which of these Mobos is better?

    Greetings, I was wondering which motherboard was better, between the GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO WIFI and the ASUS ROG STRIX 550I. They are both Mini-ITX boards This being for lan, wifi, audio including amps ( since I’m considering buying the Audio-technica ATH-AD500X) and fan headers
  12. cmine20

    Question TUF B450M Pro. Compatible rgb fan(4-pin)

    Hello everyone.. I've been thinking of buying a rgb fan to my system unit and I want it to be sync on motherboard. Can you guys recommend me some rgb fan with aura sync features? (4-pin Headers)
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

    Hello everyone! I need help once again :unsure: I'm looking to buy the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5 3600x processor. Price, design, and RGB options are don't matter! Here is my build : Motherboard - ???? CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Cooler - AMD Box Cooler GPU - ASUS RX460 (My old GPU. I decided...
  14. georouv

    [SOLVED] Best (most hit resistant and time resistant) external HDD

    Hello, guys anyone that has time and has an opinion or any experience to take a choice between some HDDS . I would like to buy a external HDD around 1.5-3 TBs , because my budget is a bit low, i have already chosen some that are kinda popular. I would care more about to be hit resistant if it...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] best cpu cooler of this list?

    Hi, ¿what is the best in cooling performance? Cooler Master: Master Air Ma620p / Ma610p/ Ma410p / 212 Black Edition / 212 RGB Black Edition / Id-Cooling SE-224-XT BASIC
  16. R

    Question Help, please? Which high-end CPU should I buy?

    Hello, friends! I want to ask this community for some piece of advice: I do NOT know what to choose from (I live in Romania, we have RON currency, but I'll convert it to EUR and USD): i9 10900KF (472 euro, 573 USD) i7 10700KF (349 euro, 423 USD) - I WANT THE KF VERSIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAPER...
  17. Lunarwolf921

    Question Whats the best portable gaming monitor for my PS5 ?

    I travel a lot so I'm looking for extremely good portable gaming monitor for my ps5
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Best 280mm AIO?

    I'm going to buy a 280mm AIO but i don't know what's the best option on the market right now. I was also looking at one that is refillable so it can live longer. Any ideas?
  19. mirkomirkica

    [SOLVED] Help me pick a psu for my build

    So i have picked a few power supplies that i can afford and i just want you guys to help me pick the best one and tell my why exactly that one. And which one is best price for performance. Quietness is probably my n.1 priority... 1 Crosair Cw 550 550w 2 Seasonic SSR 650GB3 S12III Series 650W 3...
  20. apollouno288

    [SOLVED] I7-9700K or I9-9900k

    Hello everyone, so I have an Asrock B365M PRO 4, I know by their website it supports the I9-9900K. But im afraid of cpu throttling. Should i go for an I7-9700K or no?
  21. V

    [SOLVED] Best ram kit 16gb for Ryzen 7 3700x for highest FPS in gaming? not expensive one but best value performer?

    Hi people, I have r7 3700x paird with ram kit kingstone two 8gb = 16gb with cl15 3000mhz, but I want the max performer ram kit (some 3600mhz will be ok), to switch this kit I already have with it... please for help. P.S. I watched gamer nexus, hardware unboxed and etc.... but I need some opinion...
  22. W

    Question I can't decide which monitor I want if anyone can help?

    The monitors that I'm struggling to decide on which one I want are: - ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM Or - BenQ zowie Xl2546
  23. S

    [SOLVED] what power supply do i choose?

    Hi , which of these power supplies is the best? The models that I put are the only ones that I can get at this moment in my country Argentina. Will some of this help me? I leave the pc on 24/7 and in my country there are constant power outages, power ups / downs. they are all in the same...
  24. Giorgi379

    [SOLVED] which is best motherboard for i7-3770 (LGA 1155) ?

    hello, i need help to find best motherboard for i7-3770 and why?
  25. Nikhil bhadviya

    [SOLVED] [URGENT] Need Advice for a Budget upgrade on my Build (CPU or GPU)

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to upgrade my Oct 2015 Win PC Build with a budget around 15k INR from indian market( Amazon, Flipkart and all other good sellers). I have started a youtube channel [link removed. Please read the forum rule] for which with my current build i am not able to play and...
  26. D

    [SOLVED] Which monitor is best for most accurate game graphics?

    Hi. If I was to buy a monitor to play a pc game, which monitor would I need to buy if I wanted the game to look as intended by the game's graphic developers? I understand that I could walk into a store and any modern 1080p/4k monitor would give me a decent picture, but is there a monitor that...
  27. N


    Hi Guys, I'm planning to build a desktop, but I'm not sure which gpu manufacturer i should buy from, either AMD or Nvidia. Can someone give me some suggestions which i should get to get the most performance within a low budget. If you have a idea of which GPU that suits me, please tell me the...
  28. D

    [SOLVED] Which memory to get?

    Hi, I need change my memory, but I dunno which. my spec: asus maximus ix hero intel i7-7700k gtx1080 asus rog o-8g m.2 2280 WD Green 240gb for boot I'm thinking about a 2x8gb or 2x16gb maybe trident or ripjaw, but i dunno thank you in advance (sorry for my poor english)
  29. G

    Question Best budget Cpu?

    Currently, what is the Best budget CPU for Gaming and streaming. I want one that can do both. Responses will be much appreciated. I'm forming the build of my pc around the CPU and graphics card (using GTX 1060) I'm not willing to spend any more than $150
  30. S

    Question Whats the best standard AIO cooler for AMD TR 3960x or 3970x

    Whats the best standard AIO cooler for AMD Threadripper 3960x or 3970x. (or air cooler) First proper system getting custom made (did looking into doing it my self but the custom suppliers like Scan Uk or Amari seem to do it cheaper (bulk deals I guess) so no idea on custom jobs in custom build...
  31. P

    [SOLVED] Comparing, need help with comparing two computer with different SPECS

    i am looking at these two computers for my son, he has autism and since getting an xbox a couple years ago has changed his lif,e he is very good at games, for xmas i have brought him a pro mic an external memory thing for x box and table chair a good monitor etc because he wants to start a...
  32. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] What's the best mid range price digital camera (300-600)

    I have the eos m50 by canon in mind. any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.
  33. A

    [SOLVED] Help choosing a laptop

    Hi all HP ZBook 15u G6 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Mobile Workstation i7 or MacBook Pro with touch pad 2019? My laptop has died. I had a HP Pavillion from 2014 which has an i5 processor. Anyway, I'm looking to upgrade for something reliable, durable and capable. My main use for the PC is going to...
  34. JAYESH_

    [SOLVED] Which GPU should i buy?with AMD A8-6600k

    I do have a setup AMD A8 6600k, GIGABYTE GA-F2A58M-S1, 8gb 1600Mhz DDR3. Not for gaming purpose but for illustrations and graphics. which is the best graphic card which will not bottleneck my pc do suggest with PSU Note:Sorry, i cant upgrade my CPU. will gtx 970 work?
  35. O

    Question Best closed back, no mic headphones in 150-200$ range

    I am having a lot of trouble with finding the best closed back, no mic, good sound quality with good bass headphones for 150-200$. Been all over the internet and my top pick is, currently, the m50x (...
  36. H

    Question Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift?

    I have a good gaming PC, so what are the pros of buying the Oculus Quest instead of the Oculus Rift? Which should I buy and why?
  37. S

    Question Help me choosing the right graphics card?

    My config; Intel i5 7th gen 7500, Corsair 8gb ddr4 2400Mhz, Corsair VS550 watt PSU, Asus prime B250-Pro LGA1151 motherboard, Seagate 2TB firecuda HDD, Crucial 275gb MX300 SSD, My budget for graphic card is within 30K
  38. S

    Help picking best 1080p HD Tv out there?

    My TCL tv some how fried by me accidentally knocking the cable out of its outlet, gently, and won't turn on. I don't want a 4k tv as they suck for normal TV watching .I want something with just really good picture/colors. I'm looking to be around 40-50" Want to buy one by friday and willing to...
  39. 8

    [SOLVED] What RTX 2070 is best for me?

    I'm looking to buy a 2070 for myself but I'm having trouble discerning what is the one for me; I've been looking at the 'Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Aorus Xtreme Edition' just because I've seen various places citing it as "the best 2070", I'm not knowledgeable about overclocking and in all honesty...
  40. S

    Question What are some good home cameras in 2019 where I can watch live through a tablet?

    Hello, I live on the top floor of my house and I am looking for a very high-definition(like crystal clear) home security camera to put downstairs in the living room where it is constantly recording live and the security camera comes with a easy-to-open tablet like an Ipad where I can just press...