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  1. N

    [SOLVED] Drives appear in BIOS storage configuration butwill not show up in the boot order.

    I've just built a PC for the first time, and upon turning it on and attempting to boot it from my m.2 ssd, the drive won't show up in the boot order. I thought it was an issue with the ssd, but upon connecting the hard drive from my old PC (which I cloned the ssd from), that wouldn't show up...
  2. Dilshans2k

    [SOLVED] Boot order doesn't show hard drive/ssd

    Hi I was trying to install windows 10 pro on my 240gb ssd. I have one 1Tb wd hdd and one 240gb Wd ssd. Both are not showing in Boot order but are getting detected as in Information tab it shows drives name and serial numbers. I installed using Rufus through bootable usb stick. The configuration...
  3. G

    Question Boot Order problem

    Howdy all, I have a boot order problem, nearly every time I go to turn on the PC it will not boot unless I go back to BIOS and change boot order back to Samsung C: drive from WD E: drive. The PC will also not complete the Windows 1903 update, these problems started after a BIOS and firmware...