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  1. aranorde

    [SOLVED] Can I downgrade BIOS the same way I update them using M-Flash? (MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX)

    Edit : 06/13/21 - I downgraded the BIOS using M-Flash like it was no big deal. My paranoia is getting the best of me these days. I want to roll back to a BIOS from last year, I recently updated my BIOS from that version to the latest one and I've been having lot of issues. Random crashes and...
  2. [SOLVED] Dell G3 3590 undervolting - BIOS downgrade

    Hi, I want to undervolt my G3 3590 (9300H+1650), because of very high temps at idle. I've downgraded to BIOS 1.8.0 (on this version undervolting working; later versions not, because of Plundervolt issue), then I've reset "default factory settings" in BIOS and after that I've disabled automatic...
  3. bhaskar ramagiri

    Question Can someone provide me step by step procedure to revert my Acer AN515-52 BIOS from V1.28 to V1.25 ?

    Through Windows updates my laptop BIOS was updated from 1.25 to 1.28. The laptop's performance is too bad after the BIOS update. Can some one provide me step by step procedure to downgrade revert BIOS back to 1.25 ?
  4. R

    Question Ever since an update, Windows 10 freezes even after clean install.

    My System:- Ryzen 2400G, ASUS Prime A320M-K, Crucial Ballistix 2x16 GB RAM, 140GB Kinston SSD, 1 Tb WD Blue, Internet via LAN cable. I was running Windows 10 Pro Version 1909. 64-Bit. I've been having this annoying problem after recent critical update. MY biggest blunder was not setting System...