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  1. ExtreamChaozZ

    Question BIOS Boot Loop

    Hiya, Got quite the annoying issue and need some help solving it. My 1tb D Drive was getting full so i decided to buy a 4tb Drive and clone he 1tb drive to the 4tb drive. First i converted the 4tb drive to GPT so i can use more than 2tb of strorage and proceeded to clone the 1tb drive, after...
  2. F

    Question Lenovo y700 boot loop

    Hi, I recently got a y700 laptop and all was going well until i decided to wack an ssd in it, how the bios on it was locked set up in a to not allow usb's to be boot from, which i needed to install windows on the new drive. So i pulled the back off, cleared the cmos but unplugging the battery...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Computer Stuck In Boot Loop Bios And No HDD/SSD Detected

    Hello! I recently cleaned out my computer from dust so I took it all apart and put it back together properly. However when it started up it would go straight to bios, every time I restart or exit bios it goes back into it. After some looking around it turns out my computer has no boot options...
  4. C

    Question Pc doesn't restart properly after BSOD

    When I start my pc I get the infinite Windows loading screen. After turning it off and restarting the PC(as per tutorials) it shows the "preparing automatic repair" message and after that I run into the BSOD stopcode DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG. It's supposed to restart and take me to WinRE but...
  5. P

    Question MSI laptop suddenly can't boot through my SSD and I'm stuck on a bios loop

    The title says it all..... MSI GE73 8RF laptop suddenly stopped booting through the SSD and loops to the bios. Help. Intel RST on the boot menu says RAID0IMSVolume, RAID0 (Stripe), 476.9GB, Failed
  6. H

    Question Windows 10 not loading, stuck on bios loop

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my pc, everytime I turn it on it is stuck on the bios settings, after I exit it's stuck again - windows never loads. I can't do anything except go into bios.. I am sure it is not the boot load order, my hardrive is on the list correctly. I've reseted bios...