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  1. F

    Question Did a CMOS reset to avoid BIOS password, didn't work and Windows won't start

    I have an HP Probook 640 laptop which I got from my school (the computer belongs to the school while you go there, but you pay a fee each year and when you're finished it's yours). The computer gets wiped as they give you administrator rights. I've used it for studying ever since, and today I...
  2. O

    Question Secure boot with change of harddrive?

    OK, so, I have a bit of a tricky situation here. I have a computer that I do not have the (bios) supervisor password to. It boots completely fine, unfortunately it’s lockef to secure boot, and I can’t change that. Now, I should like to install another hard drive, and/or clone another operating...
  3. AleksiDj52

    Question How do i remove my BIOS password from my HP Probook 650 G2 laptop?

    Hello everyone, so first of all my English is not that good so i hope you understand what i say. Let me tell you what happened, 2 months ago my dad found this laptop in the streets in Germany, he took it home booted it, took pictures and everything was fine but it had a Windows password (in the...
  4. M

    Trouble diagnosing dying part or faulty software

    Hello, as indicated by the title, I am stumped looking for a solution to an issue with my pc: Before posting my issue here are the specs if needed. Ive had the pc for almost 5 years now, and i havent had a hitch. This issue arose about the beginning of this year; the computer will freeze...
  5. N

    CPU Temperatures Differ On Software

    I have a temperature monitoring program from the manufacturer of my motherboard and it says my temperatures arearound 44 degrees celceus however speccy says its all the way in the 60c's. Which one should I believe?