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  1. sds20020024

    Question Windows shows display as 8 bit, display adapter says it's 32 bit and HWinfo says it;s 6 bit- what's going on here?

    This is an old laptop from around 2011, with a pentium p6200 and no dedicated GPU, and I was fiddling around in the display settings when I saw that differenet programs show the built in display as having different bit depths. Windows display properties shows the bit depth is 8 bit . View...
  2. M

    Question I can't change the sample rate and bit depth of my headphones

    My headphnoes are stuck in 16 bit 48000 Hz and i cant increase can I make the setting not grayed out ?? my headphones are recognized as speakers ..dont ask me why View:
  3. D

    Question Bit Depth vs Contrast Ratio

    I am considering buying a monitor but I've been stuck at the above mentioned specs. I have to choose between 10bit depth & 1000:1 contrast ratio OR 8bit depth & 100m:1 constrast ratio Which one is better for color quality (movies & gaming)? I couldn't find anything on google about comparing...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Cpu for 32 bit float/192khz music production

    I currently have an i9-9900k which is relatively good for music but it chokes at the highest sample rate and bit depth in my daw (32 bit/192 khz), and yes i'm well aware of "why would you need such high sample rate it's pointless" blah blah blah. Really I'm just looking for a solid answer or...