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    [SOLVED] Is this cryptomining setup enough to mine bitcoin?

    here are the specs intel core i7 9700k 850w gold psu radeon rx580 16gb ram 1tb ssd watercooled
  2. Question StartupCheckLibrary.dll Trojan?

    Hello ladies, gentlemen, and other. So, about two days ago I spent a lengthy amount of time with a guy from Microsoft fixing my Windows Updates program. It was just gone, basically. Since it wouldn't update at all and I couldn't download anything from the Windows 10 store. (Found this out...
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    [SOLVED] Buying used GPUs from Bitcoin miners ?

    Hello, since im broke and i wanted a GPU for gaming i wanna ask if is good to buy GPU from Bitcoin miners. Some people said that is good buying from them because GPU was still on the same temperature and they don't broke soon. So i wanted to know if its true or should i save some money and get...