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    Discussion Samsung 990 Pro doesn't support hardware encryption

    Just a discussion about Samsung 990 PRO support of hardware encryption, as none of the reviews mention this defect, and Samsung simply ignoring this issue in their support tickets & community The product specification page have this drive encryption support listed as Using the latest...
  2. Z

    Question Fully Encrypting Formatted SSDs for resale

    I have some SSDs that were formatted using diskpart clean, not clean all. Since then I have decided to use bitlocker and encrypt the full drive and just wanted to check that this method will encrypt everything on the drive, even previously deleted data? My worry is that because it has been...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 begun experiencing slow down, then display driver issues and now won't boot and is suddenly bitlocker encrypted - please help. Dell XPS 15

    A bit of a strange one. I have a Dell XPS 15 Laptop - 9570 if I remember rightly. A couple of days ago the whole windows interface and explorer begun to randomly freeze, sometimes without any applications even running. A restart would fix it but then over time it would freeze again. This got...
  4. B

    Question UEFI update caused Bitlocker Recovery

    Lenovo Yoga 920-13ikb bios 5NCN41WW currently with Win11, likely upgraded from Win10 in the past From approximately 2017-2018 TPM 2.0, Intel PTT Bitlocker Recovery: “You need to enter your recovery key because Secure Boot policy has unexpectedly changed.” I was helping someone with their...
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    Question Problem trying to recover deleted files from a Bitlocker encrypted disk ?

    Hi all I'm trying to recover videos from 2 external USB drives which are Bitlocker encrypted (one Seagate Backup Plus 4TB, and one Western Digital My passport Ultra 4TB) but results are quite bad. After deleting the files (SHIFT+DEL) I did not write on the disks, so there shouldn't be any...
  6. ndr2022

    Question Unable to clean/format drive or reinstall windows; bitlocker issue.

    I have a microsoft surface pro tablet (windows 10 home) that recently went into a blue screen loop. None of the repair options worked so I'm content to just wipe data and reinstall OS. But it's requesting bitlocker encryption key and I have no way to acquire it. I've tried several diskpart...
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    [SOLVED] Bitlocker Warning

    This is just a warning to the community. I have a Surface Pro 3, installed the windows 11 Release preview on it some time ago. I only use local accounts, no online MS bs. I found my drive was encrypted with Bitlocker, when i tried to save the key it would not allow it. I was forced to sign in...
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    [SOLVED] Dual booting W10 and W7 with TPM and BitLocker

    Hello, so i want to dual boot windows 10 and windows 7 on my primary rig. i want to use windows 7 for legacy phone rooting, legacy iphones and just for older devices i own. Problem is that i am afraid to lose my data if i install windows 7. I have integrated tpm 2.0 enabled in my asus bios...
  9. A

    Question How to unlock a drive which is locked by bitlocker automatically due to a glitch in TPM. I do not have password (or) recovery key as I never locked.

    Hi, I am a personal laptop user. Recently I have reset my laptop, reset was successful to reset windows in C Drive. However, my D & E drives got locked by bitlocker automatically. I have spoken with Microsoft about this problem and they suggested that this error was caused due to a glitch in...
  10. Jaiff

    [SOLVED] Dell laptop has Bitlocker on both drives ?

    My dell laptop has windows 10 in it. Suddenly it's asking for a password instead of a pin. I know it has lots of viruses. now I am unable to log in. and it also not connected with my Microsoft account. I tried to reset it with a windows 10 bootable USB. then I found that it c and d both drives...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Bootloop, BitLocker and Data Recovery

    I have an HP computer that is on a bootloop (preparing automatic repair> diagnosing PC >restart because windows update screwed it again. I need to save the data in it, however the drive is encrypted with BitLocker now when I go to reset this PC it gives the message "You need to sign in as an...
  12. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] How to fix Orange Screen of Death?

    I booted my SSD today and I got the Orange Screen of Death. My screen is covered in vertical white and orange bars and I have no idea how to fix it. I turned off my PC and tried rebooting. It booted up, however this time I was on the HDD. I checked Device Manager, and even after waiting 15+...
  13. D

    Question Microsoft Bitlocker and TPM

    I'm planning to buy a HP Envy 15-ep0813 computer, but I've spent hours trying to understand if that has TPM-like support so that I don't need to enter a passowrd prelogon, which for me is a must. I sadly cannot get hold of the HP support either, so turning to this forum instead. It has the...
  14. wasted1803

    [SOLVED] Will pending/bad sectors turn my BitLocker encrypted HDD into a brick?

    Hey guys. I have recently got me a brandnew Seagate Exos 10TB Enterprise HDD and I have used over 80% of its free space. The Harddrive is 100% healthy right now. I'm taking this HDD to my office and I have to encrypt the whole disk to protect my sensitive data. When harddrives get older...
  15. V

    Question bitlocker on home edition

    hi my asus fx505 comes with original win 10 home edition, yet i need to use bitlocker for my internal HDD (dont want it on ssd) ofc i can open the laptop and take out the HDD and connect it to my PC with enterprise edition of win 10 and encrypt it and then put it in laptop.... but i dont want...
  16. Zaporro

    [SOLVED] Does Lenovo Legion Y540 support Hardware Encryption (BitLocker, eDrive)

    Hello, I was wondering if Lenovo Legion Y540-17IHR (the one with i7 CPU and GTX1060ti on board) laptops support Hardware Encryption with BitLocker and eDrive? I'm talking about procedure that is described in here...
  17. adam___subtractem

    Question Surface Laptop Blue Screen Boot Loop with Bit-locker Cherry on Top

    Hi everybody. I have a Surface Laptop 2 (not the surface tablet) that is one year & 2 weeks old. Out of warranty by 2 weeks... lol All of a sudden when I booted it up the laptop blue screened. No problem, I rebooted, worked for a minute or two, another blue screen. Endless blue screen loop...
  18. D

    Question BitLocker

    Went to reset this pc, remove everything it then wanted me to input BitLocker key. I’ve reset this pc before, and it did not ask for that before. So, went to UEFI Firmware Settings under Advanced options to check Secure boot settings. Secure boot was already on. Then pressed reset to set up...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Having problems applying group policy for people who are in a certain security group.

    Hello, im having a little problem applying GPO for certain security group only. Ive created a group called group1. Ive also created an OU where i linked the GPO. I have moved myself and security group called group1 to that OU. Then i added myself to be a member of group1. In the GPO i filtered...
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    [SOLVED] How to enable bitlocker for domain laptops?

    Hello, my question is about bitlocker. I have gone through many different tutorials and websites, and been trying to get this to work for 7 hours now. No luck so far. My simple question is how to enable bitlocker for domain laptops? So if it gets stolen for example, and leaves domain, then the...
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    [SOLVED] Removing Bitlocker Blue Loader Screen Win10

    I have a Windows 10 laptop; which i need to update, however i cannot remove the Bitlocker Blue loader screen on startup which asks for my password every time . Bitlocker has been removed from my system and not showing when i check on c: prompt I need to remove the requirement for the...
  22. jamaloo

    Question Does bit locker always ask for recovery key when connected via USB?

    Hi, I have a laptop with bit locker encryption. I replaced my hard with another non encrypted hard disk and installed fresh windows on it. Now when plug my encrypted drive via usb3 and tries to bot via it.... bit locker asks for recovery key which i can provide and boot from it. My questions...
  23. A

    Question HDD detected only for a few moments

    Hello guys, The whole thing started when I tried to disable bitlocker on my 1TB internal HDD 2.5'', it was taking so long that I tried to shut down, but the laptop didn't respond, so I left it overnight. In the morning it was turned off, but when I started the laptop again, loading windows...
  24. M

    Question Best way to encrypt/secure HDD?

    Hi, Got a standard PC using Win10 that's a few years old being used in an office. They have several dozen word, excel and access files with sensitive customer data. These files are password protected. They want to encrypt their whole drive, but is this the best way to go about things? I can...
  25. D

    Question save BitLocker encrypted drive data into an iso or file

    Long story short, I have a Windows 10 laptop where BitLocker was turned on with out my knowledge (again, long story) and now I cannot get into the OS. I do have a “recovery key id” but I guess I also need an additional “recovery key” which I cannot find right now. This is an older laptop that...
  26. D

    Question Does Bitlocker slow down a windows 7 Ultimate system?

    Hi. I have a HP Compaq 6710b with TPM and a Intel Core DUO 2 GHz microprocessor. It is an old computer(2008?), with Windows 7 Ultimate, and I wish to know if Bitlocker encryption will slow down my system very much. My hard drive is a SSD Samsung 860 EVO (fast), but perhaps Bitlocker slows down...
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    [SOLVED] i7-7700k with ASUS H110M-A

    Hi guys, will an i7-7700k work with my asus h110m-a motherboard? currently i have an i5-7400k and am looking to upgrade but on the website it says only up to 6th gen cpus. im a bit of a noob sorry what does this fully mean, and btw any i7-7700k. but will it work? Thanks, sorry for any trouble
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    Is this build ok for the $?

    Hi! Im building my first gaming PC and wanted to ask you guys if this is an ok combo. Kinda assume some components might be an "overkill" for me so just checking with you: CPU: i5-8600k (plan to overclock it to 4.7-4.8 max) GPU: 1070 ti Strix (plan to overclock it to the max) MOBO: asrock z370...
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    [SOLVED] New CPU Options

    After Christmas, I was given somewhere around 300 dollars for a new CPU. I currently have an AMD build: CPU: AMD-FX 6350 GPU: Cerberus GTX 1070 Ti. I want my own computer so I also desire to build a new one and throw my old 750 Ti in this one while taking my 1070 Ti with me. Should I save up...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] fx 8350 is slow doing anything

    It takes me minutes to boot, and when I open up csgo and play for a couple of minutes the screen will freeze and I have to turn off the system manually. this happens in chrome as well. Specs: Gtx titan x Corsair rm1000x Asus m5a97 r2.0 32 GB of ram ddr3 Crucial Ballistix sport
  31. W

    fujitsu wireless switch

    am using fujitsu fmvA8270 laptop but i dont see the wireless can i locate the switch?
  32. Y

    Can it support

    I have core i5 4590 can this support gtx 1050ti withouy making any changes in my pc
  33. G

    Monitor saying "Check Video Cable"

    I just got an HP monitor like 40 minutes ago and since i plugged it in to my computer with a DVI cable, it's been saying there is no signal for DVI and also says Check Video Cable after a few seconds. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm using the same DVI cable I was given when the guy i bought the...
  34. K

    Why is my GPU core clock so high?

    My games kept crashing and I kept getting a coloured then black screen after installing my new 980ti. I found this guy's video who told me to reduce the core clock, memory clock and power limit to minimum so I did and tried fortnite on high settings. It worked fine with good temps when I checked...
  35. A

    Label for router

    I can't find the pin for my router label . Where is it?????
  36. Tacticall993

    Best Verizon Fios Gateway G1100 replacement

    I'm not a big fan of this modem, it disconnects frequently and I really don't trust things that this company provides me. I went ahead and changed my plan to the gigabit service and I definitely need a new modem. My house was built in 2015 so we still use moCA and wiring an ethernet cable...
  37. M

    Gaming PC Slow and I can't figure out why

    So I normally just look through other cases and find solutions doing that, but I am having WAY too much trouble getting this fixed. Schematics bellow. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 3.2GHz (4CPU) Motherboard: ASUS HB1M-E (Newly Installed); ASUS H97M-E (Removed) Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX...
  38. H

    Asrock z270 Taichi Debug code 00 and 4c

    please help me ,display not on and not boot Debug code 00 and 4c
  39. M

    Can a Kraken x52 fit in my case

    I have a Fractal Design Define C TG, and was wondering if a Kraken x52 could fit in the TOP of my case. I have done some research, and I can't find any thread asking about the X52, only the x62. If someone could get back ASAP that would be great, thanks.
  40. T

    Pc suddenly freeze for no reason - no warning at all

    I was just watching youtube when the computer froze. But the keyboard and mouse is still working because i see their led light but everything just froze. What could be the problem here