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  1. J

    Question All applications freeze, other oddities and when at worst its a black screen with a stuttering mouse.

    When running multiple applications, playing certain games and downloading, my computer starts to face weird issues that when given an error always says I have ran out of ram on my system. The weird issues I've gotten have been: All opened applications freeze and become unresponsive. You can't...
  2. Aladdad

    R9 380 or GTX 960 With an i5 2400? also which PSU?

    so i have an old PC laying around that i haven't been using.. realized that i can.. looked into its specs: Gigabyte GA-P75-D3 i5 2400 2x4GB Hyperx 1600mhz Nvidia GT 610 500GB WD blue now for the current power supply it looks like a cheap one.. can't find anything on it just plain black PSU...
  3. D

    SLI Help Please

    I have an EVGA GTX 970 SC and I have the MSI GTX DDR5T 970 OC Edition and I am trying to run them in SLI. My system is recognizing both cards but in NVIDIA Control Panel it is saying I need to attach the SLI Bridge to select max 3D settings. Can anyone help me get these to run in SLI. I have...