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  1. Striker7

    Question Graphics Card will not work unless clearing CMOS

    Hello everyone, and thank you for the help in advance! I'm trying to revive one of my old builds, and for some reason, my graphics card will not work unless I clear CMOS. I'm currently running an AMD FX 9590, Crosshair V Formula-Z Mobo and 16GB RAM. I originally had an XFX R9 290X in it, but I...
  2. H

    Question Display is black, can't get into bios

    My setup MSI MPG x570 Gaming Edge Wifi (and a x570 Gaming Plus) EVGA 2060 Super (old card) MSI 3070 Ventus 2x ( new card) 750W Seasonic PSU AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 32GB DDR4 3600 G.Skill Ripjaws One 4K monitor and one 1080p monitor I've been having problems with my video card for awhile and yesterday...
  3. M

    Question Black display on ASUS X200MA netbook, tried almost everything and nothing helps

    Hi there everyone, Not sure if this should go here or to laptop tech issues, but anyway. I’ve got a problem with an old ASUS X200MA netbook that I own, but its screen won’t turn on. Let me explain the issue in more detail as I tried to fix it lately, but with limited success. I bought it first...
  4. I

    Question Having issues with ASUS vg279q1a monitor

    Hello, I'm the owner of a somewhat newly acquired ASUS monitor. I have had the monitor for about three, four months now, and as of recently I've begun to have issues where the monitor does not display properly at any refresh rate higher than 120hz (see attached image 1). From what I can tell, it...
  5. ssdNow

    [SOLVED] Why Desktop PC not show display?

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with my dekstop PC: when i connect PC to Monitor (with HDMI) i couldn't see anythings. What do you think that can be?