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    Question If you have an RX 580, what have been your experiences with overheating and crashes?

    Recently one of my friends purchased a secondhand XFX Black Edition RX 580 8 GB, but had many troubles with game crashes. It seems when the card reaches exactly 70 degrees, games crash to desktop. I was considering getting a RX 580 myself, but my friend's experience gave me second thoughts. If...
  2. J

    Article AMD Phenom II x4 Northbridge OC

    Hello everyone, I am writing this article to test the benefits of increasing the CPU Northbridge frequency for the AMD Phenom II x4. This was just a simple synthetic test I carried out using Cinebench R15. The Northbridge connects the CPU, ram and for this and other Denib processors l3 cache. I...
  3. T

    Is this upgrade worth it?

    My video card is dying (artifacting when it goes over 70c) so I want to spend under $600 to upgrade My current system is CPU-Phenom II x4 965 black MoBo- MSI 870A-G54 GPU- MSI R9 280X GAMING 3G RAM- Kingston generic ddr2 1333 4Gb x2 (8 gigs total) PSU- Antec...
  4. J

    Stock intel cooler loud and rpm speeds? (Cant Change)

    I am using the Asrock H110M-ITX/ac motherboard and a intel skylake core i3. The cpu fan seems to be loud (assuming its loud this is my first pc) and is constantly at 2600-2800 RPM no matter what i change using speedfan or bios. The CPu temps idle at 35 C Is this normal?
  5. H

    having problem booting my second hard disk

    Hi I am having problem booting my second hard disk when I boot my PC it get stuck on black screen that comes after motherboard splash screen when I boot from my first hard disk it get stuck on windows 7 logo when I only plug my second hard disk it get stuck on black screen that comes after...
  6. A

    Connecting subwoofer to PC

    So i have a JBl creature II whose speakers don't work anymore...
  7. L

    GPU Getting 70 Degrees on Idle

    I'm starting to get a little concerned about my GPU, it's reaching 70 degrees on IDLE, literally no GPU intensive applications open, yea I have steam and other stuff open but I'm getting really concerned. PC Specs: CPU = AMD A8 7600 @ 3.1Ghz GPU = AMD Radeon HD 7950 @ 925Mhz Motherboard =...
  8. M

    How much better is this laptop configuration than my current one?

    How much better is this laptop than my current one? Current: i3-3110m @ 2.4Ghz AMD 8600M 320@975MHz 1GB GPU 4GB RAM Prospective: AMD A10-5745M CPU up to 2.8GHz AMD Radeon HD 8610G + 8500M (??) 2GB 6GB RAM I plan on playing The Witcher 3 on Low settings.
  9. F

    how to set voltage from 1.65 to 1.5 on corsair pro. Im using a p8h61-m lx3 mobo

    ive been looking how to do this and all i can get is to set freq at 1333, also i want to know, they are corsair pro 2400 mhz it say they work at 1.65, so if i set them at 1333 will they auto low their voltage or they will just work at 1333 using 1.65v?
  10. J

    HELP me with my gaming rig

    I am currently using a Intel Q6600 2.4ghz I want to upgrade but I want a CPU that uses a lga775 socket to fit my mobo any ideas ?
  11. F

    OS on hdd and Game on sdd

    I am so tired following lot of tutorials to migrate os from hdd to ssd,but all my ways ended with fail,i dont know what my mistake. I decide to keep os in current hdd and intall apps and game to ssd. My question is,if i do that,can i get same improvement such as load apps and game faster same...
  12. A

    Will this CPU work in my Acer aspire x1700?

    I'm looking at processor upgrades, the computer has a LGA 775 socket, the website says it supports core 2 quad (95W) and I was wondering if the core 2 quad Q8300 would work or be the best upgrade? I just need it for some newer games to work that call for quad core. How do I know which model #...
  13. G

    How do I sell water to neighbors in SimCity 2013?

    Like the title says, how do I do this? When I click on the water icon in region mode it states that there is no water to buy, but nothing about selling. I have a neighboring city that needs water so how do I sell it to them?
  14. K

    My Desktop lags a lot

    My PC lags randomly for no reason. I tried almost everything. Formatting and reinstalling windows, cleaning/dusting every hardware, updating drivers, trying softwares. I don't even play games nowadays, yet it lags and stutters for 2-10 minutes. What else can I do now? :/
  15. S

    New power supply recommendation

    Hi all just thinking is it actualy worth upgrading my gtx 660 (3gb) I only game in 1080 resolution. I would be looking to upgrade to a gtx 970. Would It be worth it or should I look to upgrade elsewhere My specs: PSU: delta 500w ( I know that I need to upgrade this) Prossor: i5 3470K 3.4...
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    Laptop Screen is Almost 100% Dim?

    I Spilled dishes detergents on my laptop EVERY THING WITH THE LAPTOP WORKS And It Never Shat down or became black screen BUT The Screen Appears Dim and bright at parts. What is Causing this? Is it a damaged Inverter? Or What? And how much would it cost to fix?
  17. kaitanium

    whats the speed of mini pcie?

    looking to attached a egpu to my mini pcie slot and was wondering what speed does mini pcie operate at?
  18. G

    what graphic cards can go with amd athlon(tm) II x2 240 processor 2.80 ghz

    im looking to upgrade my old pc but i dont want to change my processor,i will probably buy a 500w power supply and i want to know witch graphics card is the best choice
  19. T

    Cheapest "blue" switch keyboard

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a new keyboard and I would like to go mechanical this time around. I'm after the cheapest MX blue or blue feel switch keyboard (This is the one of 3 switches I have tried that I enjoy). Can be 10 keyless, backlit or not doesn't bother me, any help appreciated :)...
  20. T

    Card randomly rising at idle

    So the issue ended up being what kari suggested. The video card would keep being used for things like streaming video and the usage % would keep going up and down. It started getting a little warm at idle again. Does anyone know how to make my system automatically switch to use the integrated...