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  1. M

    Question Ubuntu 18.04 Boot not reaching the login screen

    Hi I built a new Ubuntu only machine and it was working fine for two weeks and today when I tried to boot, the pc boots to the purple ubuntu screen , flashes a black screen with lot of disk activity screen and stuck at a black screen I couldn't do any further Looking for some directions to solve...
  2. reddogf.1315

    Question monitor goes black at login screen, but also still works fine

    so i recently got my new PC set up. and this issue has popped up. i cant exactly pinpoint when it started, as it isint so much a big deal to me. just a huge annoyance. when booting up my pc it will show the usual logos, the spinning loader with them and then just before hitting the login/ pin...
  3. S

    60GB SSD that only shows 100MB total space

    Hello, I have a 60GB SSD drive that doesn't have anything on it. NO FOLDERS OR FILES (no hidden) and is does not have my OS on it. The problem is that it only allows 100MB on the SSD and shows the drive to be only 100MB. I tested the capacity by putting music on it and it only allowed 100MB...