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  1. K

    Question Windows 7 Black Screen

    I was playing 7 Days to Die and then lag. My screen went black I couldn't hear anything but I think there was something on the black screen. I turned off the desktop PC and turned it on. I see windows logo and then just black screen. I found out that my keyboard didn't react to anything. When I...
  2. CNTV

    Question GPU not being detected

    Hi everyone, I recently swapped cases, Before that Everything was working fine. Now my 5700 xt is not getting detected/fans don't spin. Everything else runs fine. Did I burn out my gpu? Any help is appreciated I just got my gpu 3 months ago.
  3. D

    Question GPU freezing screen when using snipping tool + unstable (black screen) after sleep

    So for ease of reading it; A) Screen often freezes when using snipping tool (roughly 7/10), the actual snip is still taken although sometimes the area snipped in completely wrong, I just remain on the greyed-out snipping tool screen (win + shift + s), to fix it I can usually just turn monitor...
  4. D

    Question Snipping tool sometimes freezes screen (Win+Shift+S), full screen games turn screen black

    Screen sometimes just freezes when using snipping tool, input still seems to work, the snip is taken (albeit sometimes not the dimensions shown) and can move mouse and the pc seems to respond, the snipping tool overlay just remains and i cant get out of it without turning display on and off...
  5. Laurince

    Question AMD Ryzen™ 3 2200G - Radeon Vega Graphics (NO DISPLAY - BLACK SCREEN)

    My laptop encounters Black screen after restarting from update of latest driver for Radeon Vega Graphics. What I've done so far is: Updated to a latest BIOS Installed latest driver from AMD website: AMD Driver Download Waited about 2-3 hours installing latest driver and restart turns to Black...
  6. Jacob24

    Question Short black screen when entering and exiting fullscreen on new monitor

    GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 OS: Windows 10 64bit Graphics drivers: GeForce Game Ready Driver 452.06 Monitor: MSI Optix AG32C Motherboard: asus tuf x570-plus wif CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 PSU: Seasonic FOCUS GM-550 16gb RAM I've wanted a dual monitor setup for a while so I recently got a second monitor for...
  7. n9neman

    Question Black screen, fans go full speed crash

    So, when I'm playing certain games (Doesn't happen on all for some reason) my pc randomly goes black screen at the same time the fans kick to full speed. I don't have to unplug it to restart like some people, i just hold the power button to turn it off and back on. Here are the things I have...
  8. A

    Question Sapphire ATI AMD Radeon R9 390 Series - PC Crashing Randomly

    Hello, first time poster here. I have had a problem with my computer ever since 2016 now, and after years of searching for answers, I think it's time for me to actually make a thread myself (lazy, I know). My computer will crash at random times by the screen going black and the sound looping...
  9. juampidieguez123

    Question No HDMI signal and blurry screen

    I've recently built a PC and found myself facing two weird issues. It was running an i7-9700 using its integrated 630 graphics. One: I plugged an hdmi cable to the mobo. Installed windows with it. After a few seconds of idling at desktop, no video output. Windows output at least, because there...
  10. Alyass

    Question Multiple monitor problem - Mini displayport to DVI issue

    Hi all, I have a problem connecting my monitors. So here's the gist: Since I started working from home, I moved my laptop to my desktop table. I have two Dell U2412M monitors, each having a Displayport and DVI inputs. The Displayports are taken up by my desktop leaving 2 DVIs available. My...
  11. Brandonjm23

    Question My pc restarts at random

    So I built my pc a couple months ago and everything has been great. This thing is a beast I went over budget but couldn’t be happier with my pc. The only problem that has occurred is that I rehoused it to another case a week or two later due to not liking the first one. When rehousing I broke a...
  12. Ahura Mazda

    Question Screen black out and system restart after connecting second screen

    Hello everyone. Long time reader here, but finally created account since I have a problem I don't know how to approach anymore. Completely lost, and any, absolutely any advice will be greatly appreciated. My config is: LC-Power LCH600-12 V2.31 Asrock Z87 Fatality Killer i5-4690k (not...
  13. John J.

    Question Black Screen when Gaming Caused by Darkened Spots on RAM?

    Lately my screen turns black when playing heavy games (Valorant,Far Cry,Warzone) but runs ok when i play dota2 or lol. so i did some research and tried every fix (uninstalling VGA and GPU then installing OEM Drivers). still black screen. the i read that i can also be caused by faulty rams so i...
  14. T

    Question New build randomly reboots and fans go really loud/fast.

    Hey all, I recently completed my first build, and everything had been going smoothly. However, as of yesterday it's started randomly rebooting, and has happened three times now. First, the fans surge and go really loud, like they're on full throttle, and then it just reboots. I don't know what...
  15. S

    Question Screen freezes then goes black for a second and everything running crash

    Frequently my screen freezes for a second then goes black for a second then everything is back to normal except any game running will crash and any video I'm watching will become a dark green screen. I have this problem for 2 years since I built my pc and tried some stuff like updating /...
  16. M

    Question Is it possible that a non grounded power outlet fried my GPU

    Hello, I was plugging in a new power bar into an outlet. Thought it was off but it turns out it had power going to it. When I plugged in a monitor it tripped the circuit. when I unplugged everything and checked the power bar I noticed that the grounded light was not lit. plugged everything in...
  17. Snakedevils

    Question Help!? Black screen pc still running

    What happened: running pc just fine, recording some audio and suddenly black screen but pc still running, LED are all on, fans running. Noticed my mouse and keyboard shut off as well. Stream deck still running. Tried hard reset, wont boot to screen. Checked all connections. This is a very new...
  18. J

    Question Black Screen and GPU fans ramp up

    Every time I go to open a game once the game is just about done loading the computer’s screen goes black, and my GPU fans ramp up. They stay like that for about 10 min, then the pc reboots, runs into the BSoD, then reboots after a while and is fine. If I press and hold down the power button to...
  19. S

    Question Windows 10 Black screen during installation

    I have installed windows 10 from a USB stick but when the PC reboots it gets to starting services and then the screen goes black and nothing else happens.
  20. S

    Question Tried to install new ram now black screen

    Hi all. So I’m not the best with PC’s but I know how to do the odd thing here and there. So I have an i7 6700k a gtx 1660ti oc and 8gb of ddr4 ram at 2300mhz. I wanted to ugrade my ram to 16gb so I purchased Hyper X’s 16gb kit at 3200mhz. I have an ASUS h110m - R motherboard and I Have a coller...