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  1. maxwellkotw

    [SOLVED] Is my Vega 56 dead?

    Hi All, tldr; Lights on gpu but no display, pc boots fine. Display works with the mobo output. I've had my computer in my current config since June, my gpu (Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 OC'ed and flashed w/64 BIOS, got it second hand in June) has always been a little buggy. I have two monitors and...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Unusual issue - black screening: Any help much appreciated

    Good evening folks, I have recently (past three weeks) been experiencing an unusual error that I haven't seen before. When I play a graphics intensive game (say, Assassin's Creed Odyssey), the system will work fine for 15-30 minutes before black screening (i.e. signal to monitor lost). I...
  3. Michael29Angelo

    Question No display at startup after turning off using Remote Desktop Connection

    My PC monitor shows only black. I am sure that there is no problems in cable and monitor. There is one mistake I did last night. I turned off my PC using Remote Desktop Connection in my laptop. How do you think should I resolve this? Thanks!
  4. M

    Question Black Monitor on Rebuilt PC

    Hi, long time lurker, but now I need some help. I built a computer this year (yay). It ran great for a while (yay), but it started having some issues. One day it didn't turn on. I've replaced a lot of components and it feels like I should have addressed that issue, it's just that now I can't...
  5. Rissing_hopper

    Question Screen crashes when GPU hit 81c

    Sorry for bad English, it's not my major. My GPU is Shappire Nitro RX470 8gb. So I had problem, whenever my GPU hit 81c under full load, my screen suddenly goes blank and there's notification sound of something been removed from my pc then the screen back again with changed resolution. When i...
  6. A

    Question MSI RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS OC Random black screens

    Hello, I am having some trouble with my GPU. I kept getting black screens in GPU intensive games / applications, such as Unigine Valley. The black screens are random and last for around 3 seconds. After using 2 different HDMI cables, 2 different monitors, multiple GPU drivers, new and old...
  7. P

    Question Screen goes black when I turn on my bathroom lights

    Now this is an error description I'd never tought I'd need to give: I live in a relatively small but modern apartement and recently build a new PC as my current Laptop is getting too slow for my work. I now noticed that if I turn on the bathroom lights in my apartement (or turn them off after...
  8. X

    Question Monitor turns black for few seconds, or game lags heavily

    I noticed recently that my monitor has been flashing black for 2-3 seconds while playing games. It's immensely frustrating. And sometimes it will lag immensely as well. I'm certain my computer can handle the games I am running, especially since it happens on even simple games. These are my...
  9. S

    Question Screen Went Black - Help

    Hey guys; i was playing 'The Bureau xcom declassified' and the screen went black and i think i heard a deep hum kinda noise, but not sure. Could have been the fans cause one of them is faulty. I don't know whether the game crashed or if it was my system. The PC restarted okay and then my...