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  1. A

    Question Black screen with loading cursor

    So my roommates pc has a black screen with a loading cursor on start up after bios screen. I've looked up all the common ways to fix it and nothing works. We have no idea how it started because we were both playing yesterday just fine. Today she tried and the black screen came. Ctrl+alt+del does...
  2. B

    Question Deleted Ubuntu partition, PC boots to black screen

    This is as accurate as I can get with what happened: Used windows disk manager to delete Ubuntu partition I wanted to extend the windows partition, but disk manager wouldn't let me Used MiniTool Partition Wizard to do it The program told me to restart the PC When I did it the PC booted to the...
  3. E

    Question My pc booted up after installing new motherboard and cpu. Now I have a black screen. What do I do?

    Today I finally got a new motherboard and cpu. I took out my old ones and succesfully put in the new ones. When I booted it up for the first time it turned on for five seconds, shut down on its own and restarted after like two seconds. After this happened I switched the power off on the back of...
  4. Krawk03

    Question My PC is booting to a Black Screen

    While i was gaming, It suddenly froze and then went black. Every time i boot it, i can see the loading screen where i can press bios and boot menu. After that, it stays black and i cant do anything about it and there is no cursor, please help
  5. La Magra

    Question My Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT does not load up windows, shows only black screen :(

    Hi folks, Yesterday I have encountered a problem which i cant sort out. I have purchased a brand new GPU Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT and after installation i can see the BIOS but it does not load up windows and it shows black screen. Just to make sure it does not start even to load windows at all...
  6. G

    Question VGA Cable Stopped Working On W10 After Graphics Update

    Hello Toms Hardware forums. I've bumped into a unique issue with a new build. On an am4 mobo of recent make, we used the driver disc that came with the MOBO to update whatever Windows 10 drivers that required patching. Process was going smoothly, classic fade in's and fade out's, till the...