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    Question Strange problem with my sistem (Black screen)

    Hey Folks, this is my first post here and english is not my native lenguage so im sorry for my errors haha. The problem started a few weeks ago when defragmenting the computer, after 30 seconds running the screen suddenly went black. i pressed the restart button and for my surprise, the gpu...
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    Can You Tell Me If This PC Is Good Enough For Future Games? & Is it a good match with each other ? Thanks Please Help Me ?

    Ram = Corsair 16 GB Processor = Intel Core I5 6600K 6th Generation Motherboard = Gigabyte H150 (Or Should I go for something else?) Graphic Card = Nvidia GTX 960 4GB (Gigabyte) Hard Disk = 2TB (Western Digital) Option 1 : Power Supply = Corsair 650 Watt SMPS + Cooler Master Cabinet...