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    [SOLVED] Bought used RX 480, random black screens

    Hi all! I just bought a used RX 480 4GB (Sapphire Nitro, not Nitro+). I installed it last Sunday by doing this: I downloaded the latest RX 480 drivers from AMD's site, rebooted into safe mode, used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers, shut down PC, replaced my GTX 750 TI with the RX 480 and...
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    Black Screen while playing games

    Can someone please help me? Im at my wits end here. I am trying to finish Metro light Redux but the game keeps crashing my computer to a black screen. The audio cuts out immediately and there is no loop. My computer leds and fans keep spinning like normal. I have to shut off the PC by holding...
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    How can i create an isp, how it works, how people create isp and customers are using that??

    How ISP works? How people create ISP's? How much it costs to make an ISP? And how works download speed and upload speed on isp?
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    PC won't start after sleep mode, urgent.

    Hello, I have an urgent problem with my PC Yesterday I put it into sleep mode and today it won't start. It has never happened before. The LED flashes signalising it is in a sleep mode but nothing wakes the PC up. I tried: - ctrl-alt-del to turn it on, but no effect - using anything to turn it...