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  1. kokabi1365

    Question Monitor doesn't turn on correctly

    Sometime when I turn on the monitor, it doesn't display anything and led power indicator after a few blinks - and rarely, after changing indicator color to amber - turns off). All this time, screen is black an nothing displays on it. I've found the problem occurs always mornings when I turn on...
  2. Y

    Question Laptop Screen Black after opening and cleaning

    I opened my laptop to clean it, took RAM out to get rid of dust e.t.c, just cleaned all around and replaced thermal paste. I turned on the laptop and the screen is all black, you hear the fans come on and the LEDs show but there’s no screen. I even hooked it up to my monitor and it doesn’t...
  3. E

    Question Which Black Friday deal should I choose?

    So it's Black Friday and time to upgrade, but there's a lot of deals, which one should I choose? All of the deals : Ryzen 5 3600 + MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX + Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 3000MHz = 4111SEK or about 430 USD. I could also switch out the Ryzen 5 3600 for the 3600x for an extra 100 SEK...
  4. W

    Question Random Black Screens and restarts

    So I didn’t know where to put this, but my computer keeps random if black screening and then restarting. This can happen between 10 minutes to 4 hours and it’s random. Does anyone have any ideas, it started happening about two months ago
  5. simonshepard

    Question HP Pavilion DV9700 Black Screen Issues

    As the title says the laptop screen is black no beeps and the system seems to function as normal there is just no display. I thought this might be the dreaded "DEAD GPU" thing with this line of notebooks however I plugged it into my HDTV with HDMI and it works through that with out issues. The...
  6. Question Display getting darker after playing (RTX 2080)

    Hey guys, thats something weird happening with my computer. I just recently upgraded to a RTX2080 and after playing for a while my display image get darker, like the black level is increased or something. Does anybody knows what this could be or what it could be related to? My specs are...
  7. X

    Question Bought used RX 480, random black screens

    Hi all! I just bought a used RX 480 4GB (Sapphire Nitro, not Nitro+). I installed it last Sunday by doing this: I downloaded the latest RX 480 drivers from AMD's site, rebooted into safe mode, used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers, shut down PC, replaced my GTX 750 TI with the RX 480 and...
  8. N

    Question Screen blacks out randomly

    My screen(s) randomly flicker or go black for up to 3 seconds at a time during "menial" tasks (like having YouTube open while browsing Reddit or opening Telegram or Google Docs). It's been doing this on ALL of my monitor setups, from when I used three 1600x1440 monitors, to when I switched to...
  9. X

    Question Screen goes black for a few seconds while gaming

    I recently got a new monitor. It is the Dell S3220DGF curved monitor, and a gtx 1080. The gpu/cpu is not over heating, it's not even close. While playing games, and sometimes just using the computer normally, the screen will go black for about 2- 5 seconds. I have freesync turned on. I was...
  10. S

    How To (Workaround/Temp Fix) Screen Goes Black & GPU Fan at 100% Speed

    UPDATE: This was supposed to be a discussion thread but since my workaround is not mentioned in any forum/YT video whatsoever, I changed the thread prefix to "How To". Just go to the bottom of this post and you'll see the workaround. Cheers! 🆒 I noticed many people have this issue and have...
  11. M

    Question Monitor goes black at overcloaking

    My monitor turns off if i overclock my r5 1600x to 4,2 Ghz at 1,378v. Any idea what is causing it?
  12. V

    Question Top of screen black flickering / blinking

    I bought the system a week ago and i just noticed if G-sync on (not sure because of G-sync but if i disable seems fine) and low resolution randomly appear that flickers. (nature resolution seems fine to but not sure to). PROCESSOR:Intel Core i9-9900K GPU: ASUS DUAL 2080 TI MOTHERBOARD: ASUS...
  13. P

    Question Government laptop's display won't turn on - Looking for a way to fix it or a workaround

    Hey there. I've just received a Coradir government PC (6th generation). I left it charging for a few hours, and then I tried to turn it on; The power button's light turned on, and so did the other indicators, but the screen remained black. It doesn't seem like it's damaged. After some attemps, I...
  14. Anguxilion

    Question All my games are crashing/freezing

    I don't know what exactly is going on, about a week a go, I started to get errors on games, i mean, it was literaly working fine, and then boom, everything stopped working, no matter what I play, demanding or not, I can't play, all games start, and in 40 sec or 1 min, the image freezes completly...
  15. K

    Question Monitor goes black while gaming for 3 seconds and then comes back

    So i recently build my new pc and after the build i started playing games. But while playing games the screen would go black for around 3 seconds and then would come back again. I have 3 monitors but only the middle one would go black. I tried reinstalling windows, using diffrent cables...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] GTX Titan Black

    Is the GTX Titan Black 6gb GPU worth £100 compared to what else you can get on the used market today. Not sure if the older high end card is worth the money or if I should get a newer card retailing at less on the used market. Just after price to performance. Thanks
  17. S

    Question Black textures in most games

    Lately, I've been noticing that in some games the textures have been glitching. They're just black squares, and not showing anything. I've been experiencing this in most of the games like ROBLOX, and Zula. Minecraft and CS: WaRzOnE on the other hand are just fine. This was happening in the past...
  18. N

    Question Monitor goes black

    Whenever I launch a game my main monitor will go black (Dell S2719DGF) every now and then and it seems completely random, sometimes it'll do it numerous times within seconds and others seems its within minutes. I have a GTX 1080 Ti hooked up with two other monitors (Three in total, 1080P 60hz...
  19. tsomek

    Question tightVNC blank screen when screen off

    Hi, I'm using tightVNC on a windows 10 laptop. When I close the lid, the vnc image goes black. Before reinstalling win10 yesterday, the vnc image would work without a problem even with the lid closed. How can I make this work again like before? Many thanks
  20. M

    No Signal after everything turns on

    Hello people, I just build my first PC. Everything turns on but the display. All fans working, including GPU and cooler. RGB lights turn on. Checked all the connectors, they all plugged in. No weird noises either. My monitor is a 4k Asus 60hz only display port. It is turned on, just says no...