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  1. PrinceTexasLoaf

    rx 580 is this a safe overclock?

    Hello I have an rx 580 and I am overclocking it it doesn't overheat but I was wondering if these overclocks were safe for my card gpu frequency 1360mhz memory 2250 mhz power limit is 10% higher I game 2-5 hours a day and I was wondering how bad it'd effect my lifetime and if it is safe for my card
  2. M

    Wont let me install windows

    I recently got a pc as a gift from a friend. He formatted the hdd before giving me it and now it wont let me install windows. I can go into bios and change things but for some reason sometimes when it powers on it goes into DOS and says: Bad command or filename display Bad command or filename...
  3. I

    Screen goes black while pc keeps running. psu or gpu problem?

    Dear members of the community, lately i am experiencing some problems with my pc. it started while playing crossout the screen would get weird pixelated colors and froze and i had to manually shut it down and reboot it. it began to happen more often and now the screen just goes black and not...
  4. B

    Something weird in life is strange

    I figured something weird in life is strange , in the first place , when max went to the bathroom to help chloe, but she never knew chloe , she said ( i need to help that girl ) after i rewind time to save her , now when i go to my room , i opened the drawer, i saw a pictuee me and chloe best...
  5. J

    How to recover Outlook data stored offline from OST file?

    How can I get back my emails from OST file in Outlook? Is there any solution in Outlook own software or any other software or tool for OST file recovery? Suggest me with the best option.
  6. F

    RAM module physicai clearance question

    If I'm using two sticks of G.Skill Trident Z 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, would it be physically obstructed by the gigantic Noctua NH-D15 CPU heatsink and fan?
  7. R

    Cable manage... help me fix this problem!!

    Hey all, I’m re routing and wiring all my PCs cables and I’m not very good at it. I langed to get them all through the back side of my pc (back side panel) and wore them through various holes and on to the motherboard, fans, etc. with zip ties. After all that, my panel won’t fit back on! I’ve...
  8. B

    The Case of the Disappearing SSD Asrock Z87 Extreme4

    My issue is that one of my HDD has gone missing. I say missing because when I first installed it I could initialize it and I changed its name and added a folder. Shortly after that I went to write to it and the drive was gone. This was all in the same session. My drive that I added is an SSD...
  9. S

    Wrong display of RAM usage?

    I have 8GB ram on my pc. While idling task manager says I use about 600MB but above that, it says 24% usage, and 600MB is clearly not 1/4 of 8000MB. So I assumed that 1 stick must be broken, but I don't think that is the case because programmes such as CPU-Z do show 8GB RAM.
  10. V

    I have queries against this product.

    1) Does this product support 2 TB Ext. HDD? 2) Does this product have USB 3.0? 3) Does this product have Gorilla glass?
  11. S

    Gtx650 ti error on dh55tc

    I have an zotac GTx 650 ti 1gb graphic card and intel dh55tc motherboard whn I connect with my graphics card I get an errors like cable not connected Nd input does not support or automatically restart issue at windows startup..I connected without graphics card system is working fine..I have...
  12. G

    Rebuild or Repair?

    My present 7 year old flight sim computer is starting to click a bit and some times refuses to boot, warning me the HDD is not too happy and needs replacing. This made me think is it time for a major rebuild. I only use the computer for flight sim. My 'upgrade plan' is to multi boot it with...
  13. J

    Installing Ram from another PC

    Hi all so iv'e tried to install two sticks of memory into my pc that has two 4gig existing sticks already. The two i'm trying to install are only 2gig each so i'll have a total of 12gigs . Problem is windows won't start unless i take them out. Their make is 2GB 1RX8. I took them from an old work...
  14. Z

    Motherboard Fan Control

    Hello, right basically I recently upgraded my motherboard to a msi h110m pro-vh ( and I plugged in the fan splitter into the sysfan header and it is all working but the case fan is now holding at about 2000rpm. Now this has...
  15. 3

    Best CPU cooler under $100AUD for fx-8350 4.3ghz

    I've recently started hitting high temps (65c+) on my overclocked fx-8350 after playing newer games. My current fan cooler is a gammaxx 300 and I obviously need a new cooler. It also needs to have a hight less than 150mm otherwise it'll hit the side of my case. I've been looking at a noctua u9b...
  16. T

    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1 for me?

    Hello, many times asked what is for me bla bla bla i know but sorry. sorry my scant english. i m working for new pc there is other parts : Intel i7 6700 ASRock ATX DDR4 Motherboards H170 PRO4 Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s THERMALTAKE Versa N24 Midi Tower Power Cover PC-Ge...
  17. J

    What GPU will be better for this MO?

    MO MSI H110m Gaming micro ATX LGA1151. Out of these witch is better and for what reason. Zotac ZT GTX 1060 mini 6GB, Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 gaming, or the MSI GTX 1060 6GB gaming x. Thank you.
  18. S

    Is my new motherboard dead?

    I plugged the 24 pin, 4 pin, and the front panel connectors into the new MSI H110M Gaming motherboard, and the fans/computer won't turn on. I take the same cables and plug them into my old GA-870A-USB3, and the fans/computer turns on. My power supply is the SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze. Thanks.
  19. W

    What amount of RAM do I need for coding and gaming

    I'm building my first computer for gaming and some coding and I would like to know how much RAM I would need for both uses? Specs have been added as well to aid in assistance Specs: CPU: Intel i5-6500 Mobo: MSI H110m Gaming Micro ATX RAM: ??? Video Card: either a GTX 1060 3gb or a GTX 1060...
  20. D

    HELP! 2nd HDD removal caused my main HDD to lag?

    So ... My brother's Steam decided to uninstall his GTA V So he asked me if i could try to move my Rockstar Social GTA V (the no steam version) into his HDD and i said sure, and heres where it all begins: - I get his HDD and connect the SATA cable in it and in my pc, aswell as the other wire...