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  1. kuroirei

    Question My PC won't turn on!

    Hello! So, yesterday I was playing Valorant on my PC, then suddenly the electricity went off and my PC forcedly turned off. When the electricity went on again, I tried to turn it on again, but my PC didn't turned on, no LED blinking, no fan rotating, no sound or whatsoever. I checked everything...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Only 1 out of 2 monitors goes black for roughly 3 seconds randomly while gaming, and consistently when using the steam app

    For awhile now my monitor (AOC Q27G2G4) has suddenly been going black for about 3 seconds while I'm playing games, and happens consistently whenever I open up a games store page on the steam app. The frequency of the black-out varies from game to game, but it seems to be the worst in Tabletop...
  3. Jonathan Tan

    Question Monitor blacking out when alt+tab from games

    My monitors are blacking out for 3 seconds when I alt+tab out of my games or use the windows key to minimise my games. Can someone help me it's really annoying! Thx
  4. TheKerangMan

    [SOLVED] PC Sparked (seeking for advice..)

    This morning when i turn ON my pc there's a 'sparked' sound and entire house went blackout! Since i have an opened air case.i had a glimpse that it came from the hard disk area.. Turn ON the house power main board and we have our lighting back. I plugged out and in back my pc power socket at the...
  5. Dwika34

    [SOLVED] Why is my computer blacking out if i open numerous chrome tab?

    Hello recently i stumbled upon this problem with my pc that would black out with no cursor if my memory is full while opening a chrome tab aftter waiting for around 30 seconds the cursor would comeback and it would be back to normal. Previously it didnt do this, in fact i could open numerous...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Monitor Power Supply

    Hello, I bought my monitor ( Acer ed347ckr) about 3 months ago. I used to get some blackouts or loss of color for fractions of a second when I got it. I thought it is my old video card dying so I checked another graphics card after a while when I had the chance to, and it was the same thing...
  7. N

    Question Screen blacks out randomly

    My screen(s) randomly flicker or go black for up to 3 seconds at a time during "menial" tasks (like having YouTube open while browsing Reddit or opening Telegram or Google Docs). It's been doing this on ALL of my monitor setups, from when I used three 1600x1440 monitors, to when I switched to...
  8. rjmbowie

    Question Monitor randomly blacks out for a few seconds with audio still playing while gaming

    I recently installed a new GPU, motherboard, CPU and PSU (listed below) and have since experienced 2+ second black screens occurring randomly when gaming. The games that cause this issue are more or less graphics intensive, for instance Lone Echo and Warframe causes it yet Beat Saber doesn't. I...
  9. A

    Question Samsung monitor display turning off and on randomly during gaming

    Hello Guys, I have been reading these forums for ages but just opened an account because this is the first time I cannot diagnose the issue I am having even with all the questions already posted. The problem started after I upgraded my pc. Previous Config ----- A8 - 6600k Precessor MSI A88xm...
  10. N

    Question Brand New Power Supply, PC randomly Blacks out and reboots.

    So recently I was playing games as usual with my power supply that I had been using for a about 1 and a half years no problem and it randomly went black and wouldn't turn back on no matter what I did. Tested with some low power ones around the house and it was no problem so the PSU was dead...
  11. R

    Question Help me build out my COD blackout rig please - currently getting dumpy FPS

    Getting slow FPS with my current rig, i5 4670K at stock speeds 16GB DDR3 ram GTX 1070 8GB 256GB Samsung SSD 2K 144HZ Gsync monitor Looking into Ryzen platform. I just want to be able to run blackout at above 120FPS stable at 2K 144HZ Current rig dips to 55FPS in certain situations. Highest...
  12. R

    What motherboard for a Ryzen 7 2700x?

    Im wondering what motherboard I should purchase for the ryzen 2700x. I am needing at least 2, USB 3.0 ports and 4 or more USB 2.0 ports. I am going to be using 2, 8 gig sticks of DDR4 DRAM 3000MHZ C15. Also, what power supply would be recommended. This build is for a dedicated streaming pc that...
  13. R

    z420 Windows 10 install problems

    Hi, i have an old Z420 and trying to install windows 10. I followed the HP website instructions and use a USB win 10 installation media. after this successfully installs on a SSD SATA it reboots, however it does not follow through with the windows 10 configuration. All I get is a error "no...
  14. F

    Z77 a2 error

    Asrock z77 oc formula after overcklock i7 2600 and test in a OCCT for a 10 min I get temperature around 70 C so I decided put less bclk ,but after restart my pc never boot again and I can't even get into a bios, a2 error all the time, some times he just torn on and off every 2 sec. I tried...
  15. F

    New pc €1500,-

    Hello Community, I'm planning to buy a new pc by July, it's meant for gaming (Arma 3, Star citizen, Star Wars battlefront, CS:GO and so futher). I already have made a nice pc on PC partpicker. But i have a couple of questions. i5 6600k or 6700k since dx12 compatibility and Arma 3 bad CPU usage...
  16. kcarbotte

    AMD, AP Announce Partnership To Foster VR Journalism

    AMD and the Associated Press announced a partnership to help push forward VR journalism. AMD said it will leverage its expertise in VR to provide support to the AP so it can create immersive 360-degree video and animated VR news content. AMD, AP Announce Partnership To Foster VR Journalism ...
  17. rcxtra

    3 Monitors, But only need 2 active at once - Can I choose which 2 are actice?

    My main system doubles as a HTPC right now. One monitor on desk and a long HDMI cable to a HDTV, the displays are set to duplicate (mirror) Thinking of adding a second monitor on my desk for dual display when working, probably in extend desktop mode. Does Windows have an easy mechanism to...
  18. A

    Replacement FOR I7 4702 MQ ON LENOVO Z510