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    [SOLVED] [solved] Random blackscreens while gaming (no signal) [solved]

    Hey guys, i have been having a the problem of blackscreens for a while now while gaming and cant seem to fix it. Sometimes it just goes black and back up again. Othertimes i have to hard reset the PC. It is also really inconsistent. Sometimes it happens multiple times a day, sometimes not all...
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    [SOLVED] no signal on monitor until windows boots up

    just build a new pc for myself its a biostar b360gt5s with a i39100F with 2x4gb ram and rx 580 i want to change the bios settings but when i turn the pc on i have no screen on the monitor until windows welcome screen comes up ...even if i press del key on keyboard screen remains black( no...
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    Question Pc freeze and screen goes black

    So when I play heavier games my pc after a few minutes freezes and the sound is repeating. Then after about two seconds my screen goes black while the sound still playing (this time normal for 2-3 seconds then it's off). The only way to open it again is to restart the pc. I thought this would be...
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    Question Black screen problem

    I tried to clean my computer and to change its thermal paste however when i finished and tried to turn it on, the screen won't show a thing it just stays black PS : i made sure of all the compoments they are well installed . need help, what do i do ?
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    Hard Disk Failure

    Hey Guys :) First of all i want to thank you you guys for helping Okay let's begin This is my problem I recently change my hard drive it was diagnostics and test by my friend it has smart disk failure and i change it to a newer one and then after 3 months i accidentally dropped it and...