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    Question Blank Screen on brand new Acer laptop

    I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5, A515-54-51DJ laptop for college and travel, simple work, and the first tike I fire it up, the screen is absolutely blank. Connecting it to my desktop monitor shows it fine and I was able to set up the basics of my Windows 10, however I still cannot find a way...
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    Motherboard/GPU Compatibility Help

    I just purchased an Asus 710-2-SL-CSM GeForce GT710 2GB GPU. I had checked before my purchase on PC Part Picker that it should be compatible with my Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard. However, when I attempted to install the GPU, I very quickly realized that it does not go into the normal GPU slot...
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    Looking for best os for smartphones

    Hey mate I really confused for choosing os for smartphones i wanna buy! Which are the best os between Windows or Android or Ios? Pleqse help me mate
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    Help with M.2

    I have an ASUS Z270I mini-ATX motherboard and am using Windows 10 which is currently installed on a Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 SSD. I just bought another M.2 SSD of the same, however, Windows does not recognize it, even in Disk Management but the motherboard does in the BIOS. I had one of the SATA...
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    Asus Atheros RAM upagrade

    Is it possible to upgrade RAM in my Asus Atheros laptop? I can't find any information about this model online. It has 6GB now, I would like to upgrade to 8GB minimum
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    I formatted the Lacie d2 quadra disk before opening the setup assistant, how to make it working again?

    Hello everyone, By mistake I have formatted the disk before opening the lacie setup assistant. Now the disk is devided into empty lacie setup and two unallocated partitions. I cannot make the disk working and lacie support does not give anwsers. Maybe here someone had a similar problem? I...
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    Gtx 750 ti installing problem

    Today i bought a new msi gtx 750 ti and when i first installed the installed correctly..but after rebooting my pc...i checked on dxdiag it shows only the dedicated gpu..also before i rebooted my pc..i checked in dxdiag.then it was showing gtx 750 ti..when i tried to re-intall driver...