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    Question Ghosting Issues

    Monitor: Acer XFA240 (1080p, 144hz, 1ms) GPU: RTX 2060S MOBO: MSI Z390 CPU: 9600k RAM: Corsair DDR4 3200mhz I do believe this is, what is referred to as, 'ghosting', but correct me if i'm wrong: I am experiencing very noticeable ghosting on this monitor. I haven't seen many topics of people...
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    Hardware upgrades help PLZ - rookie here

    Hey guys, just signed up because this community seems to be very helpful, and I've done a lot of looking around but with my limited knowledge, I'm not sure where I should be focusing upgrades for my specific build. Bought a custom build PC about 5-6 years ago and well I think its time to upgrade...
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    RX460 not detected on boot without a monitor plugged in AND turned on?

    I have reasons to believe my new GPU is bad, and I'd like some confirmation that the following behaviour is abnormal: The GPU won't be detected by the computer unless it goes through POST with a monitor not only connected to it, but turned on. Trying to boot without any monitor, or with a...
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    I3 6100 +GTX1060 or I5 6400++1050TI

    Hi im unsure of which combo to take as both looks convincing, one has more GPU power and the other has more CPU power. I will be doing some editing on Adobe Premiere but only 1080p. I will be playing TF2, F1 2016, BF1 and GTA5
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    Unknown Device with Asrock X99 Extreme 4/3.1

    How to fix this?Help!!Anyone?Tried install INF driver from still no go.
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    how to solve pafe fault in non pafed area?

    my computer is frequently restarting saying that page fault in non paged area and sometimes others errors. how can I solve this problem?
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    GPU Advice Needed

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can advise me on a new graphics card purchase. I built my last rig over 5 years ago now (Core i7 920, 8GB RAM) and also purchased an ATI HD4870. The GPU has served me well over the years but the poor thing is constantly noisy now, despite cleaning the card and fans...