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    Question MSI GE75 bleeding.

    I have noticeable bleeding on my GE75 which is a really great laptop so far and I am wondering if this is normal or should I be concerned? View:
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    Question Ghosting Issues

    Monitor: Acer XFA240 (1080p, 144hz, 1ms) GPU: RTX 2060S MOBO: MSI Z390 CPU: 9600k RAM: Corsair DDR4 3200mhz I do believe this is, what is referred to as, 'ghosting', but correct me if i'm wrong: I am experiencing very noticeable ghosting on this monitor. I haven't seen many topics of people...
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    Best motherboard among these for overclocking.

    So I have a number of available options here for my 8600k to overclock to 5Ghz : 1: ASUS Strix Z370-H 2: Asus TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING 3: Asus Prime Z370-P 4: Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 5: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming wifi
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    NUC Hades canyon yay or nay for a 1080p gamer?

    Is the new NUC Hades 8809G a good bet for high / ultra 1080p gaming?
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    RX460 not detected on boot without a monitor plugged in AND turned on?

    I have reasons to believe my new GPU is bad, and I'd like some confirmation that the following behaviour is abnormal: The GPU won't be detected by the computer unless it goes through POST with a monitor not only connected to it, but turned on. Trying to boot without any monitor, or with a...
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    false shutdown errors in reliability log

    i have a new custom built pc and ever since i got it i get daily reports that windows was not properly shutdown example ...The previous system shutdown at 10:59:42 PM on ‎10/‎12/‎2016 was unexpected. as far as i know i dont have any problems but i have been told this is caused by using ssd'd ...
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    Temp Issues in 200R

    I just built my PC (specs listed below) and I am having some higher than expected temps while playing some games. I have been hitting up to 78 C on my GPU and 53 C on my CPU (not overclocked). I wanted to start overclocking soon but not sure if i should be worried about these temps as a starting...
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    SLI not available after Driver update - 280M's in Alienware M17x

    So I'm the sad owner of a Dell M17xR3 that hasn't had a driver update since 2010. I was managing with this for years and yesterday decided to use a modded nvidia driver (vs. 340.52) on my 280Ms. Now, SLI is disabled and I can't seem to enable it....system is defaulting the to the integrated...