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    Question Windows 98SE boots to blinking cursor in corner

    I am trying to install windows 98SE on newer hardware but after the two restarts in setup windows 98 tries to boot and just hangs on a blinking cursor in the top left corner. I am able to boot to safe mode and i have tried the System File Checker (SFC.exe) and it found 1 wrong file but it didn't...
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    Graphics driver error ( cd )

    I just clean installed windows 10 to my SSD and tried installing my graphics drivers from the CD that came with the card which worked last time but this time it comes up saying "There is not correct device for this CD" any ideas?
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    Quadro or Geforce?

    I need a graphics card for my 3D modeling and animation using Blender, Inventor and AutoCAD. Should I get a Quadro K2200 or a Geforce 970?
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    Need help building a dedicated Streaming / Editing computer $500 budget

    My budget is currently set to $500 dollars but will allow a leeway of around $100, I'm trying to create a dedicated streaming computer for my Twitch... Can someone help me? Would like to run OBS at 60 Fps with a Max-Bitrate of around 1500-2000! I will need a mouse and Keyboard included! Also...
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    Need an FM2-socket (?) board suggestion

    Hi! It's that time again: building a new desktop. Last one is getting kinda old, and replacement parts for AM3 socket (note the lack of +) are pretty nonexistent and vastly overpriced for their performance from what I've seen. So, I've been looking for budget replacement that still would...